Aaliyah Boyfriend

So who is last known
Aaliyah boyfriend?

Damon Dash was the last one known as Aaliyah boyfriend. After ten years form the time that the singer has died in a small lane accident in the Bahamas in 2001 he has stated in one interview that he still remembers how heartbroken he was the time that she died. Aaliyah boyfriend states that she was intelligent and he was not prepared to lose her the way that she was taken from his life. He also adds that she had a great heart and she was smart besides this. Aaliyah boyfriend notes that she would catch him making jokes about himself in order to entertain him.

Aaliyah boyfriend states that he felt that he is going to propose for her any time soon. The time that they had together was an amazing experience for him. He also adds that even if he knew that she is going to die, he would still become Aaliyah boyfriend just so he could spent time with her. Aaliyah boyfriend was the one that missed her the most since the time that she died in a tragic accident.

She was a singer and a recording artist as well as an actress and a model. Since the time that she was just 10years old she began to appear in concerts and when she was 12 se signed a contract with a recording label. R. Kelly was like her mentor and produced her first album that was sold in millions of copies in the United States.

During her career she has released three albums all in all and she has gained herself awards as well as acted in movies such as Romeo Must Die. She went to Bahamas in order to film her music video called Rock the Boat and she never made it back home. Together with eight other people they were killed in a plain crash and never reached their home destination.

Aaliyah boyfriend was in the funeral that was taking part in 2001 on the 31st of August. There were a lot of people that wanted to say their goodbyes to her and she was buried in New York. There were about 800 people gathered there and they were not even close to her, people just wanted to pay their respect to this singer.

Aaliyah boyfriend is happy at least about the fact that she has left a great legacy for people and after her death her songs still remains popular and her third album has been ranked as number one on the Billboard. This took place just after her death and even now her influence on the music of R&B can be sensed. So besides being an actress and a singer Aaliyah boyfriend states that she was a wonderful person that did not get enough time to spend a being alive. Even though Aaliyah boyfriend has had other relationship after her, he did not get married and still remembers the singer with great love and a lot of respect. In addition he does not like to talk about his personal life.

aaliyah boyfriend

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