Alesha Dixon Boyfriend

So who is last known Alesha Dixon boyfriend?

Alesha Dixon has announced the news that she is expecting a baby from Alesha Dixon boyfriend. This is going to be the first child that Azuka and Alesha will have. Even though Alesha Dixon boyfriend is not as nearly as famous as she is they began dating in 2012. He is her former backing dancer and this was the way that they met each other.

Her spokesman was the one that stated in the media about their situation. He has made it clear that they are looking forward to becoming parents. Alesha Dixon boyfriend is as flattered by this as she is and her spokesman added that the news about their pregnancy will be announced when the time comes. Her close friend has stated that Alesha cannot wait until she becomes a mother and her pregnancy made her as happy as she has never been before.

Another source has stated that Alesha has always wanted to become a mother and now that the right person is Alesha Dixon boyfriend she is going to be one. In addition when MC Harvey was known as Alesha Dixon boyfriend they were not planning to have children, thus their break up was also written about in the media a lot. There were even rumors that he has had a n affair with another women and this was the main reason that they broke up. She broke up with him in 2006 so the singer spent a couple of years alone before getting together with her back up dancer.

However he is not the first important man in her life. When Alesha was still young and not famous she had a romance with Noel Simpson and he was secretly known as Alesha Dixon boyfriend. Neither one of them has talked to the media about their relationship even though they lasted for two years.

Former Alesha Dixon boyfriend notes that she was always the same nice person that he has met. In his opinion she is beautiful and strong and has a huge heart. Besides this she has always stood up for everything that she believed was right. Even though she has kept this relationship in quiet for a long time she has finally revealed that they were dating.

The time that they were dating Alesha worked at her ordinary job and he was the one famous. His group Damage became popular at one moment of their romance and they had to split up for some time then. Former Alesha Dixon boyfriend reveals that even then they had different taste in music. Thus when she began her career and Noel came back from his tour they were a couple again. This time Alesha has appeared on their concerts and was a part of one of their song. It seems odd that she managed to keep her former romance out of the spotlight for 15 years. Thus she was the one that left Alesha Dixon boyfriend and traded him for another one, even though he still talks nicely about her.

alesha dixon boyfriend

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