Alexa Vega Boyfriend

So who is last known Alexa Vega boyfriend?

Alexa Vega is still a young actress and her love life is evolving and changing just as her roles in different television series and films. Currently Carlos Pena is Alexa Vega boyfriend and they are even engaged. Thus this is not so important, because she is engaged for the second time during one year of her life. She was the first one that posted a picture of Alexa Vega boyfriend without any shirts and called him her fiancé. In response Alexa Vega boyfriend posted her picture where her engagement ring was noticeable on her finger.

They began dating at the end of last year and this seems enough for them to become a married couple. Thus their engagement can break of any time, because Alexa is the type of a girl that does not stay with anyone that she does not like anymore. Not only that she is an actress but she also sings and her mostly known role was in the film series of Spy Kids. She played Carmen Cortez in these movies. As a singer she has recorded three songs for the movies Spy Kids that were soundtracks of these movies.

Alexa likes to describe herself as a Christian, so Alexa Vega boyfriend should also be in this religion. As a woman she is really attractive and has likes that make Alexa Vega boyfriend happy. She likes to go fishing in freshwater and also is an experienced gymnast. In addition she has been married once already. In 2010 Sean Covel, this is the name of the former Alexa Vega boyfriend married her. The ceremony was held in his hometown Lead in South Dakota. She wore Ian Stuart gown. Thus, their marriage did not last for so long and in 2012 Alexa Vega boyfriend got divorced with her. She announced this in twitter.

She has stated that irreconcilable differences are the main reason that their divorce took place. They have divided their property based on a written agreement.

Shortly after her divorce was legal, Alexa got into relationship with Carlos Pena. And now they are engaged. He is not only a singer and an actor, but has tried himself out n directing also. His mostly known role was in television series Big Time Rush. Alexa Vega boyfriend was born in Columbia and was raised in Florida. As most of the actors he decided to travel to Los Angeles and pursue his career. So at the age 15 Alexa Vega boyfriend acted as a guest star in a couple of television series.

When Alexa Vega boyfriend worked on Titanic he fell in love with dancing and singing and decided that this is what he wants to do in his life. So now he is a part of the group Big Time Rush and they are successful. In the past he has dated Samantha Droke, she is an actress. Thus their relationship did not work and now he is with Alexa. Only time will show how long they are going to be together and engaged.

alexa vega boyfriend

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