Alice Goodwin Boyfriend

So who is last known Alice Goodwin boyfriend?

Alice Goodwin boyfriend has acted not so nice recently with his former lover. Jermaine Pennant decided to leave the mother of his child in order to be with Alice. So why is Alice so special that she was worth leaving his 27 years old fiancé? Well, Alice has studied English and Education at Keele University and she has been discovered by talent scouts while she was enjoying the sun in Bournemouth beach. Since the time that she was discovered Alice has modeled for Maxim and other famous brands.

Besides this in 2009 she has been selected by voting to be Zoo magazine hottest babe of the year. Since 2010 she has been appearing on television in Elite TV. And now finally it is revealed that Jermaine is the new Alice Goodwin boyfriend. He was the one stating this to his twitter followers. Alice Goodwin boyfriend makes it clear that he is happy with Alice. Alice also states that she is thrilled to be with him, because he is perfect and the best man in the world. And even though their relationship has ruled the life of the former Jermaine fiancé they do not care about this and are content together.

Alice Goodwin boyfriend is not so perfect not only to his former fiancé but also he has been arrested once and charged with drink-driving. This happened in 2004 and he was banned from driving for sixteen month. Besides the fact that he was not able to drive, he still did and in 2005 Alice Goodwin boyfriend crashed with his Mercedes into a lamp-post and was pleaded guilty. So after this, he was sentenced to ninety days in prison.

In 2007 Alice Goodwin boyfriend began to date Ammi Grove, who is also a glamour model just like Alice. However in 2007 he was again arrested and this time for domestic disturbance that might have caused distress.

He had to pay a fixed penalty fine and this was it. Thus, Pennant is not perfect in his relationship. Because Ammi left him once when she found out that he was cheating and she destroyed one of his cars in order to have her revenge on him.

However in 2008 they reunited once again after the death of her brother. She was so devastated and Pennant was the one that helped her to recover. Thus, they broke up again when he came back to his former love actress Jennifer Metcafe. Thus his relationships with her did not work either and they separated. In 2010 Alice Goodwin boyfriend became involved with Lara Murphy and proposed to her. During the same year she gave birth to his son Trey. However when his son was only one year old, he cheated on her together with Alice. Their relationship seems serious at the moment. But Alice Goodwin boyfriend has not forgot his bad habits and was arrested again in 2012 again for driving and not owning insurance. So he was given eight week jail sentence and banned from driving for three years. So Alice Goodwin boyfriend does not look like a perfect man to be with.

alice goodwin boyfriend

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