Amber Marshall Boyfriend

So who is last known Amber Marshall boyfriend?

Shawn Turner is Amber Marshall boyfriend and recently they got married. They have been a couple for a long time now and their wedding was a nice celebration. The groom was wearing a cowboy hat and there were also a flower girl and ring bearer riding on miniature horses during their wedding. Further, Amber was riding on the back of her black horse named Hawk. The ceremony was not long, but it was special for both of them, for Amber and Amber Marshall boyfriend.
Amber states herself about her wedding ceremony and she notes that after all the formalities were done including signing the papers and changing their vows and also having a romantic kiss they set of. Amber Marshall boyfriend and Amber got on the back of their horses and rode into the horizon after the setting sun.
Amber Marshall boyfriend wanted to make sure that the ceremony is going to be special, so he made a rustic wood altar by himself. He placed it in their backyard and that was the place that the magic happened. So Amber was happy and she states that there is not one moment that she would like to change about their wedding. Amber Marshall boyfriend made it perfect and they both were happy to finally become a family. Here is some information about Amber, for those who haven’t heard about her.
She is an actress and her most famous role is in CBS series Heartland. She was born in Canada in Ontario and has appeared in numerous film and television productions. The current place that Amber Marshall boyfriend is living together with her is their farm ranch outside Calgary Alberta. They have plenty of animals and take care of them. The couple got married after being engaged for a year and the fact that there were horses in their wedding is not surprising.
Amber has been around horses for all of her life and she has been riding ever since early ages, and the fact that in Heartland she is acting with horses makes her happy, because these two are the biggest passions of her life. When she is not filming in television series Amber helps out at a local veterinary clinic and Amber Marshall boyfriend is proud of her for doing this.

Thus, she has also taken raptor classed in order to help falcons and hawks in Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where she is also a volunteer.
Amber Marshal boyfriend is a photographer so he has plenty of things to photograph in their ranch, because the nature there is spectacular and the wildlife is perfect for natural pictures. And the television series that Amber is a part of is similar to their ordinary life. She plays a girl that lives on a ranch together with her parents and they own a lot of horses and have a family tradition to heal them. She has one Canadian Screen Star Awards for this role and made Amber Marshall boyfriend even more proud of her.

amber marshall boyfriend

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