Angel Locsin Boyfriend

So who is last known Angel Locsin boyfriend?

Phil Younghusband is known as Angel Locsin boyfriend and they have been together for over a year now. They became an official couple just after one year of romance that lasted with different dates and different things that Angel Locsin boyfriend did in order to make her feel special. There were rumors recently that Angel Locsin boyfriend as proposed for her. Thus, he has denied these rumors in one interview stating that there is no ring in their relationships at least for now. Maybe in the future he is going to propose, because Angel Locsin boyfriend notes that he wants to be together with her.

So here is some information about Angel for people who might not know who she is. She is a television actress and also a commercial model. Besides being in acting she is a fashion designer and has tried herself out in producing films. She has acted in many Philippines television series and became known because of them. Besides caring about her career she also helps other people and has been a part of various charitable organizations. So her good heart is another feature that Angel Locsin boyfriend loves about her.
In addition Angel Locsin boyfriend supports her in every step that she takes. He notes that when she receives her awards because of acting, this makes her extremely happy and as long as she feels this way he is also content. He notes that for him Angel is the number one in his life that he is interested in. he notes that he is going to support her no matter what happens in her life and in every decision that she makes. He states that together they are happy and this is the most important thing. In addition Angel Locsin boyfriend notes that their relationships are getting stronger every day and they are more in love with each other.
So here is some information about Angel Locsin boyfriend. He is not into show business and is in sports. His full name is Philip James Placer Younghusband, but he chooses to be called as Phil only. He is a footballer and plays as a striker for Loyola Meraclo Sparks and also is a part of Philippines national team. Even though he was born in England, still he plays for his native country so as his brother, who is also a part of the same football team.
So Angel Locsin boyfriend seems to be busy with his work also, but he manages to find enough time to spend with his love. Even though he has not bought her a ring, Phil has stated that he is planning to marry her any time soon. And this made her really happy. Angel Locsin boyfriend has also stated that he believes she is the one in his life. He has stated that she is a kind person that has won his heart. Angel was not with him at the moment that he has stated this and she was really flattered about it. So they are a real and serious couple.

angel locsin boyfriend

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