Ashley Roberts Boyfriend

So who is last known Ashley Roberts boyfriend?

Declan Donnelly is officially known as Ashley Roberts boyfriend. After some time spent together in private and not confirming in the media that they are together, finally the couple decided to come out. It was about time, because the rumors about them were spreading fast. He was called as Ashley Roberts boyfriend for some time now, since she has appeared in the television show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here last year. It was clear that he liked her, because Ashley Roberts boyfriend has admitted this ever since then. Thus they both tried to keep their relationship under wraps.

After weeks spent together she was the one that revealed this to the media. She has stated that Ashley Roberts boyfriend and Ashley are trying to get to know each other better and they did not want to reveal this to the media too early. The hints about them liking one another were obvious and they consistently made remarks about getting together. So after some time hiding they finally came out.

Ashley is a former member of the group Pussycat Dolls and now she is just a signer concentrating on her solo career, thus she works in television also and this suits her. Before getting into relationship with him, she was linked to other men. There was a time that Prince Harry was called as Ashley Roberts boyfriend as well as Harry Styles was also rumored t be one. She has stated in one magazine that she sounds like a whore with these rumors about her and it looks like she would date anyone. However Ashley states that she is the opposite of this and she does not like to be on the media attention when it comes to her personal life.

In addition she is not the only one that was linked to other people. The current Ashley Roberts boyfriend was also rumored t be dating other women besides her.

Ali Astall was rumored to be his long term girlfriend just recently, thus neither one of them has confirmed or denied these rumors. So even if they have dated it was before he met Ashley. Thus, Ali has not stated anything in the media about this even after Donnelly was named as Ashley Roberts boyfriend. So here is some basic information about Ashley Roberts boyfriend.

He is into acting as much as into hosting television shows. He became known because of the television show called Byker Grove and also he is famous as being one half of the pop music duo PJ & Duncan. Donnelly as some of you might already guess is an Irish surname. So Ashley Roberts boyfriend comes from a line of Irish emigrants. He is the youngest of seven children in his family and in 1958 his family immigrated to Newcastle, when they bought a house there. Due to the fact that Irish people are almost always into their religion, so is Ashley Roberts boyfriend. He is a Catholic and has attended Roman Catholic Primary School. Thus now he does not pay so much attention to his religion as he pays to Ashley.

ashley roberts boyfriend

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