Bea Alonso Boyfriend

So who is last known Bea Alonso boyfriend?

Bea Alonso is a Philippines actress and once Mico Palanca was known as Bea Alonso boyfriend. Thus just recently she has agreed to talk about her relationship with him.

Former Bea Alonso boyfriend is also an actor and only after five years from their break up she decided to talk about their relationship. Their relationship ended in 2008 and she has stated numerous of reasons. They got together after acting in a couple of movies.

One of the reasons that former Bea Alonso boyfriend and Bea broke up was the age gap that was between them. She notes that at that time when they got together her career was only beginning and he was already advanced as an actor. In addition their age difference is ten years and Bea Alonso boyfriend had different priorities in life. She has stated that former Bea Alonso boyfriend is into this business just for the money and she is acting because she likes to do it.

After the time that Bea Alonso got her role in one movie she became successful. She was one of the leading actresses in her generation, but Bea Alonso boyfriend was not happy for her. Alonso states that she was proud about her and he did not say anything that could encourage her to go on. Bea Alonso boyfriend got in the way for her to grow as a person and it was time for her to move on.

Besides this, Bea Alonso boyfriend lived in a distinctive world and there was no place in it for her. She states that it was hard for him to get along with her friends and she could not get along with his either. However now when she is with Zanjoe she states that her relationships are perfect. They spent a lot of time together as well as with their common friends that they have.

Former Bea Alonso boyfriend did not give her a lot of attention, Bea remembers that his family was always nice to her and treated her perfectly, but he did not. She felt insecure and Bea Alonso boyfriend did not help her to feel better. So she ended their relationship and even now she thinks that she has made a perfect decision.

Besides getting into wrong relationship her life is not full, she does not know her father. Alonso states that he is like a missing peace of puzzle in her life. Thus now when Zanjoe is Bea Alonso boyfriend she feels secure and he supports her in every step of her life. She remembers how at the very beginning they were only close friends and they became lovers only after some time. So now after all the wrong relationship she has been into she states that she is happy. No matter what other people think about her until Bea Alonso boyfriend is with her they can survive anything. She states that her former partners were not bad people, they just were bad boyfriends to her and she had to change this.

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