Beth Behrs Boyfriend

So who is last known Beth Behrs boyfriend?

To begin with, here is some information about Beth, for those who are not familiar with her. She is an actress and her mostly known role was in the CBS sitcom called 2 Broke Girls. Beth was born in Pennsylvania to a mother teacher and a father college president. So it would have been obvious of she would have choose a profession similar to theirs, but she decided to try something else out. Ever since she was four years Beth began performing in theatre. In addition she also liked playing soccer, while growing up.

When Beth was fifteen years old her family moved to California and she began attending school there. Further she was accepted into schools highly regarded drama program. She also studied in American conservatory Theatre and was trained as a singer. So she has performed in musicals. Beth Behrs boyfriend should be content about her, because besides her popularity she has remained a simple woman. She still likes to do ordinary things like cooking and playing soccer outside sometimes.

Beth began her professional career in movies since 2009. Due to her career she met the man of her life. Beth Behrs boyfriend is Michael Gladis and they have been together as a couple for a year only, but they seem to be strong together. In 2012 Beth announced to the media that she is dating Michael. Beth Behrs boyfriend met her on the set of a short film The Argument, which is like a short comedy. They immediately liked one another and began to date.

In addition Beth Behrs boyfriend is not as famous as she is. He is also an actor and for people that like to watch Mad Men he was known as Paul Kinsey for three seasons of this television series. Thus, he has also made guest appearance in the fifth season.

Besides his role in Mad Men, Beth Behrs boyfriend has acted in four episodes of Third Watch and also now he is co-starring in the move Eagleheart. He has been a part of other television series bust just as a guest or in couple of series in minor roles.

Beth Behrs boyfriend is also as simple as she is. He was raised in a small town Farmington in Connecticut. His father had a simple profession, he was a sales and marketing executive. In 1995 Beth Behrs boyfriend graduated from Farmington High School. The way that Beth Behrs boyfriend began to be interested into acting is also interesting. It seems that he has been spending time as volunteer in Miss Porter’s School theatre program. Due to the fact that this was only girl school he knew that they need boys for their plays. So after acting there, he has finished studies in university and gained his degree in theatre in 1999. Just as Beth Behrs does not want to share her personal life, Michael agrees on this and they keep their private life for themselves. Thus there are rumors in the media that the couple should get engaged any time soon.

beth behrs boyfriend

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