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So who is last known Briana Evigan boyfriend?

Movie can not only make the actors famous but they also help in finding people that begin to be a part of your life. So this happened to Robert Hoffman as well and now he is known as Briana Evigan boyfriend. It appears that all the love scenes that they shared in the movie Step Up 2: The Streets brought them together outside the screen and they grew closer to one another. Briana Evigan boyfriend states that she is special in his life and he is glad that the movie brought them together. So here is a little bit of information about Briana.

She is an actress and a dancer, which is obvious from the way that she moves in the movie. Her most known role was in Step Up and also in Sorority Row. She began dancing since she was only nine years old and now she notes that it is not only a part of her life, but also a part of her career. She has also starred in different horror movies and for them she is noted as scream queen. She was born in Los Angeles in California to a mother dancer, actress and also a model and to a father actor. So no wonder that she is in acting and dancing. Besides her acting and dancing abilities Briana Evigan boyfriend must love the fact that she is also a singer in a group called Moorish Idol.

As a dancer Briana has appeared in music videos for such popular groups like Linkin Park and Flo Rida. Thus ever since her break through role in Step Up was made she received more offers to work on different movies and also television series. So this is the basin information about Briana, now let’s look at Briana Evigan boyfriend.

Robert Hoffman, as well as Briana besides being an actor is a choreographer and a dancer.

He was born in Florida and when he was seven his family decided to move to Madison in Alabama. He is not the only child in the family and has a younger brother. Briana Evigan boyfriend attended Bob Jones High School. He discovered his passion for dancing after he saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller. For a brief period of time Briana Evigan boyfriend has attended Alabama School of Fine Arts, but he did not last there.

In 2004 Briana Evigan boyfriend had the lead role in the movie You Got Served and he was a lead dancer in the opponents dance team. Thus as well as Briana his biggest debut came with Step Up. In 2009 he has appeared as a guest star in television show Geek. Thus, their couple is really sweet and as a proof of that is their awards that they received for Best Kiss in the movie Step Up. So Briana Evigan got not only her fame but also love because of this movie. Besides this the couple has appeared in Enrique Iglesias music video together for his song Push. Their relationships bring them fame besides love.

briana evigan boyfriend

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