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So who is last known Carla Abellana boyfriend?

Carla Abellana is an actress and also a commercial model. She has been acting for a long time now and her most famous role was in the Philippine adaptation of Mexican telenovela Rosalinda. Thus, her career started from the times that she was a commercial model and worked for commercials for such products like Pantene shampoo and Bench clothing line. In 2009 she decided to try herself out in an audition for television series Zorro. That was the time that GMA Network saw a potential in her and decided to give her a leading role in their television soap.
Besides her acting career in Rosalinda she has co-hosted for SOP Rules and other television shows. In addition Carla has signed a contract with Regal Films and she has appeared on different movies. The name of Carla Abellana boyfriend is Geoff Eigenmann. When she was visiting US recently together with him, the media began to talk about her getting married to Carla Abellana boyfriend in Las Vegas. But she has made it clear that hasty weddings are not for her and she would not like to get married in this way.
Carla Abellana boyfriend has been together with her for three years now and despite all the time spent together she notes that once and a while they still fight because of different things. Thus when this happens Carla Abellana boyfriend talks with her and they sort out their problems with talking about them. Thus, they both are busy the couple tries to find time in order to talk whenever they have some kind of issues. So here is some information about Carla Abellana boyfriend.
He is also Filipino actor and is mostly known from his appearance in television. He started his work with the same company as Carla did named GMA Network. He began acting in drama series. He was born in the family of actors and his grandparents were also actors, so no wonder that Carla Abellana boyfriend chooses to go this way. He is the middle child in his family and two or the other brothers that he has are also actors.
His career started in 1992 when he began acting in kid-teen oriented comedy gag show called Ang TV. Together with his brother Ryan he has attended International Christian Academy as middle school.

The couple seems to be in a strong relationship. Because Carla Abellana boyfriend does not mind that he has to be acting with different men in her movies and she does not mind this from his side also.
Carla Abellana boyfriend notes that there is no place for jealousy in their relationship and they both respect each other’s work. Carla notes that their mutual experience cannot be brought to work, because this would be wrong. Further Carla Abellana boyfriend father notes that she is perfect for his son and he approves of their relationship. Carla also notes that she would like to get to know his father better so that they could send their time together with both of their families.

carla abellana boyfriend

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