Cassie Scerbo Boyfriend

So who is last known Cassie Scerbo boyfriend?

Currently Cody Longo is known as Cassie Scerbo boyfriend. He is an actor and also is in musical arts. Cassie has multiple of talents. Besides being an actress she is also a singer and dancer. Her mostly known role was in Bring It On: In It to Win IT. Also one of her famous movies is Make it or Break it. Cassie is of Italian descent and she was raised in Michigan. In her teenage years she used to cheer for her junior high school squad in Shelby Township. In 2006 she has decided to audition in order to make it into a group called Slumber Party Girls. So she made it and was chosen from 1,000 other applicants. Thus after some time the group split.
In 2007 the release of the movie Bring it On trilogy was announced and Cassie got the main role in it. Her mostly known roles are in the movie Teen Spirit, which was released in 2011 and she got the role of a young leading teenager who dies and has to help an unpopular girl to make it into popularity. In 2013 she has appeared in the movie Sharknado as a bartender.
Cassie Scerbo boyfriend is also her co-star of television series and in one recent interview she has talked about working together with him and stated that it is not so hard. In the television series Cassie Scerbo boyfriend has another love interest and she is not the character that Cassie portrays. This might be difficult for them to manage, but she notes that it is not as hard as it might look to others.
Actually in the television series her love interest is not Cassie Scerbo boyfriend either. She is more interested in sister love that she acquires from another character in the television series. Cassie states that it is nice to play another side of her character that used to be mean all the time and by the end of the third season she is going to be portrayed differently.

Thus it took a long time for her to prepare for this character.
Cassie Scerbo boyfriend should be proud about her, because she had spent a lot of time writing a journal about the way that her character thinks or feels and this made her acting even more advanced and professional. In the movie they both are paired with other people. Cassie recently stated that her love interest in the television series is Zach Abel’s character. She states that she can use all the emotions that she has for Cassie Scerbo boyfriend in order to portray her love through her character.
Thus, when Cassie Scerbo boyfriend has love scenes with other girls, she notes that they only laugh about it and do not take it seriously. She states that her co-stars became close to her and they all are friends and this helps when it comes to love scenes. Further she notes that they all spent their free time together and have fun so she is not jealous at all.

cassie scerbo boyfriend

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