Colbie Caillat Boyfriend

So who is last known Colbie Caillat boyfriend?

Colbie Caillat boyfriend was Justin Young for some time in her past and she states that he has inspired many of the songs that she has recorded. Justin Young is also a musician and he has spent some time traveling with Colbie in order to play in her tours. Former Colbie Caillat boyfriend has been into music since he was in high school and he decided to get into music and even made a project about music. He notes that his songs were successful in Hawaii, but Colbie Caillat boyfriend wanted to make it beyond the city that he was living in.
In one interview Colbie Caillat boyfriend has talked about the way that they met each other. In the beginning when Colbie was not so famous, Young found her in internet page and they became mutual friends. He notes that they began to hang out and then he found out that Colbie was looking for someone who could go touring with her. Colbie Caillat boyfriend auditioned in order to become her guitarist and he got to play the back u vocal also and this was the best experience for him. He states that at the beginning he was hired to work with her for a month and this ended only after four years.
Colbie Caillat boyfriend has stated many nice things about her including that she is simple and that fame did not change her character. He states that she has grown up and matured during her tours, but she stayed the same person. Colbie Caillat boyfriend notes that even though she loves music, she has never tried to become a superstar. Young thinks that Colbie is talented and she is a great vocalist.
Thus, now their relationship came to an end and Young is no longer Colbie Caillat boyfriend. She states that they remained friends and that they still hang out together.

However Justin is no longer a part of her band and she has confirmed this in the media. it looks like their brake up did not affect Colbie so much because all of the things that she still has to take of these days. The singer is releasing her new album and she has planned plenty of concerts. Besides this she is also appearing in different television shows, so Colbie has a lot to take care of.
Besides this, Colbie has a new special friend in her life and there are rumors about them. Gavin DeGraw took Justin’s place and Colbie has recorded a song together with him. It appears that not only they wrote this song together they also performed it onstage in the summer. The song is called We Both Now and it gives reasons for rumors to spread about them. There are statements in the media that Gavin is the new Colbie Caillat boyfriend and that they are a couple. Thus, this would not surprise anyone, because at the beginning Justin was also just her partner in music, so even though this has not been confirmed by either one of them, they are called as a couple in the media.

colbie caillat boyfriend

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