Dani Harmer Boyfriend

So who is last known Dani Harmer boyfriend?

Since the time that she was 12 years old Dani Harmer has been a part of CBBC television show Tracy Beaker. Thus, right now she is all grown up and is 23 years old. In addition Dani Harmer notes that like all of the people that are her age she likes to go partying but she does not drink too much so that she would show her panties or anything else. But since Dani began appearing in television show Strictly Come Dancing her life has changed in the worse part. There were different comments in the media about her weight and she was called fat and ugly and different people commented that there is no Dani Harmer boyfriend because of her fat figure.
Thus, Dani states that she is a size six, but the media made her doubt about the way that her body looks and for the first time in her life she was insecure about herself. Dani Harmer boyfriend does not exist, because she has not learned to trust her body again. She notes that every woman does not want to hear that other people call her fat, because this ruins her trust about herself. Thus there were times that her partner of the dancing show was called as Dani Harmer boyfriend, but they are nothing more than just partners on the dance floor. Thus, ironically her partner is the only one who calls her bella and this means beautiful in this show that they are a part of.
In the past, before she began to be on the show Graeme Livingstone was called as Dani Harmer boyfriend, but she decided to end their relationship so that she could concentrate on the show only. Even though this was painful for her in a way the competition helped to get over her brake up with Dani Harmer boyfriend. Thus she has also stated in one interview that Vincent that is the name of her partner is the only man in her life that she has at the moment.
Here is some information about the only man in her life at the moment Vincent Simone who is rumored to be Dani Harmer boyfriend since this show started. He was born in Italy, but when he was 17 years old he moved to United Kingdom.

His parents were professional dancer so this influenced his career. His sister is also involved in dancing and she is dance teacher. In addition he has a son together with his former partner.
Thus the talks that they are together are only rumors and neither one of them states that this is true. Dani seems to be a nice girl to be around, because besides her career as an actress she decided to try herself out in singing. She is also a winner of numerous awards because of her abilities and despite the fact that there does not exist Dani Harmer boyfriend she is happy about her life. Thus, she has plenty of admirers that would like to be together with her.

dani harmer boyfriend

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