Denyce Lawton Boyfriend

So who is last known Denyce Lawton boyfriend?

There were nasty rumors spreading about Denyce Lawton recently. She was rumored to be into relationship with married man and was allegedly expecting a baby from one of them, because she wanted to have the money that the father of the child is supposed to pay for child care. So despite all these rumors Denyce manages to be seen in the media with her head held up high and she is seen happy together with the new Denyce Lawton boyfriend named Darrin Henson.
So Denyce is an actress and Denyce Lawton boyfriend is also an actor and also he likes to take care of his body by taking up fitness. Hus, the media did not know about their relationship until there were pictures spreading of these two in one clubs in Miami. Denyce Lawton boyfriend has celebrated his birthday party this month and she also had her own the same month. The couple began dating last month when they both were a part of Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise. Since then they have pictures together that are posted on the internet only now.
Now all the rumors that Columbus Short is Denyce Lawton boyfriend are broken, because she was never involved with him. Further he is a married man and Denyce has stated that she would never get involved with married or taken men. Denyce is not that type of person. And here is some information about her.
She is of African American and Korean descent and was born in South Korea. She is the middle child in her family and also has a half-sister that is full Korean. She has lived a military family life and consistently moved from one place to another together with her family. Denyce went to Largo High School together with the singer Mya Harrison.

Thus, her life was not so easy, because in 2011 her brother was murdered in Temple Hills in Maryland and this was a really hard experience to handle for her. Before dating current Denyce Lawton boyfriend she has been into relationship with Wesley Jonathan for three years. They started dating in 2006 and their romance ended in 2009.
Former Denyce Lawton boyfriend is an actor and he seems like a nice person. One time that Denyce car was stolen together with all of her equipment, because she likes to do make-up and hair for women when she has free time. Then Denyce Lawton boyfriend asked in different internet sites about the way that different products of different brands are so that he could buy her everything that she needs. Isn’t this the sweetest thing that a man can do for his woman? Thus their relationship still ended because some kind of reasons. There are rumors that former Denyce Lawton boyfriend cheated on her and that was the thing that got in the way between them. So if he cheated than she did the right thing braking up with him, because now she is happy with Darrin.

denyce lawton boyfriend

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