Diana Kruger Boyfriend

So who is last known Diana Kruger boyfriend?

Diana is a highly known actress and also a fashion model. She has appeared as Helen in the famous movie Troy and also in the movie Mr. Nobody. Her roles are always important and developed, so she is really capable at acting. Thus her personal life is a little bumpy. In 1999 Guillaume Canet was called as Diana Kruger boyfriend and they began dating. Diana Kruger boyfriend is really good looking and he is a French actor and also film director.

Before starting in movies Diana Kruger boyfriend has been in theatre and also in television. He has starred such movies as The Beach and other. So he had something special and Diana fell for him. In 2001 Diana Kruger boyfriend married her and they became husband and wife. While they were married the couple starred in one movie together and it was successful. Thus in 2006 Diana Kruger boyfriend filed for divorce together with her. He states that they have remained friends after their divorce. Former Diana Kruger boyfriend explains that they had to work in different parts of the world because of their careers and the only way that they could be together is to end their careers. So they decided to get divorced.

After this the former Diana Kruger boyfriend moved on and now is in a relationship that are highly famous and on the spotlight. So Diana has also moved on. In 2006 Joshua Jackson began to be known as Diana Kruger boyfriend. In addition in one interview she has stated that she does not want to be pessimistic, but she does not believe in marriage anymore. Diana clearly notes that she believes in commitments that are made from your heart and no paper can make people stay with one another. So Diana Kruger boyfriend should not expect to get married with her any time soon.

She also adds that marriage should be taking place at the end of the road and not in the begging.

The fact that Diana is French does not matter, because she is naturalized U.S. citizen. She can talk fluently in English and French also. She spends time between Paris and Vancouver, but currently stays in Los Angeles in order to play her role in The Bridge. So here is some information about the current Diana Kruger boyfriend.

Jackson has appeared in over 32 roles in primetime television and he is American-Canadian actor. For those who were big fans of the television series Dawson’s Creek he is recognized as Pacey Witter. His mother is a casting director so no wonders that he has plenty of roles to act in. Diana Kruger boyfriend has been living in North California before they got into a serious relationship and started living together. Thus, he has also lived in New York, because the television series Fringe was filmed there. Diana Kruger boyfriend was once charged with an assault offence, because he got into an argument with a guard in ice hockey games. Thus everything ended well. So now the couple is together and enjoying their life without any marriage.

diana kruger boyfriend

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