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So who is last known Ellen Adarna boyfriend?

The full name of Ellen Adarna is Ellen Meriam Go Adarna and she was born in 1988 in Philippines. She is a model, an actress and also a comedian. Ellen has signed with GMA “Kapuso” Network. She has a lot of interest besides her job and at her free time she likes to play violin and other instruments as well as to go and photograph things that are nice looking, because she likes photography. Ellen likes to listen to all kind of music including R&B, hip-hop and other. In order to relax she spends time on the couch in front of television watching her favorite shows that are Fear Factor, television series Friends and other movies that are her taste.
Thus, she began her career in show business, when she had some kind of misunderstanding with her father, but after three years they sorted out their problems and once again she is planning to go and work with him. Thus, Ellen is going to leave show business and travel back to Cebu, because her wealthy businessman father has offered her a job. She has stated in one interview that she is planning to go back, because her father asked her to. He also wants that Ellen would quit her work in the sphere were she is working at the moment.
In addition Ellen has talked in various interviews that she misses her previous life in her father’s business. Apparently she was responsible for something concerning hotels, because her father owns a chain of motels in Cebu, Manila and Davao. She has stated that she likes to be in marketing and that they are expanding their business and building even more motels she is needed there. Ellen notes that she grew up understanding that work is from 8 in the morning till 5 and she wants to work this way.
Ellen Adarna boyfriend must have got in the way for her plans, because she broke up with him recently. They were together for three years and Ellen Adarna boyfriend name was Filo Cucueco. She notes that settling down in life is not a part of her plan in the near future and that was another reason that she decided to break up with Ellen Adarna boyfriend.

Besides stating that she is single Ellen has made remarks what kind of qualities should Ellen Adarna boyfriend have?
She notes that Ellen Adarna boyfriend should be understandable and learn to handle her, because when it comes to this, she is not easy to maintain. Further, Ellen Adarna boyfriend should be tall and he should not try to cage her, instead he should be trustful and understand that she needs to be in other places and do her works. Thus, the fact that her family is rich and she is going to be heiress of their wealth one day Ellen Adarna boyfriend should be a wealthy man. But she also ads that money are not a problem, because if he does not have much, she can maintain herself.

ellen adarna boyfriend

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