Ellie Goulding boyfriend

So who is last known Ellie Goulding boyfriend?

Ellie Golding was born in the United States of America and is an extremely widely recognized and popular worldwide pop music star. Being a celebrity she attracts a lot of media attention, mostly concentrating on her personal life. She recently has been spotted with another musician, a celebrity and a star of a boy band called “One Direction”. However, there were many speculations if he is the new Ellie Goulding boyfriend.
It seems that spontaneous actions may bring a lot of subsequent talks and discussions on the Internet and in the journals. Ellie Goulding boyfriend is said to be Niall Horan, whom she has been seeing only for a short while so far.
It is obvious, that the couple is trying to take it easy and not to make a big story of it. It seems that they want their privacy as well. Ellie Goulding boyfriend seems to be mysterious in the press regarding the whole situation, but the matter of fact is that she has reported a break up a while ago with her previous boyfriend, that’s why there is more than high chance that he is the new chosen of the extremely bright and still rising pop music world star.

ellie goulding boyfriend

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