Erin Heatherton Boyfriend

So who is last known Erin Heatherton boyfriend?

Previously Leonardo DiCaprio was known as Erin Heatherton boyfriend. Thus this does not surprise anyone, because Erin Heatherton boyfriend was really into models and a lot of women in his life were from this industry particularly. Thus after she has dated him it appears that Erin prefers to be single and just have fun together with her friends. It seems that a potential Erin Heatherton boyfriend walked to her when she was dancing and asked to dance, thus she has made it clear that she is here trying to have fun with her friends only and is not interested in men at the moment. So a potential Erin Heatherton boyfriend had to walk away and he gained nothing from her.

Thus, after she has broken up with Erin Heatherton boyfriend she has decided not to talk about this for some time. And just recently when she was doing her hair and make u and journalists asked her about her emotions she has decided to reply. So Erin stated that breaking u with Erin Heatherton boyfriend has brought her a lot of different emotions, but at the moment she is felling perfectly happy. She notes that she is having the best time with her friends that support her and she feels really beautiful.

In addition just after Erin Heatherton boyfriend and her break up a source close to them has stated that there are no hard feelings between them left and that they remain friends. Thus, the same source added that they still care about each other and their break up was nice. The main reason that Erin Heatherton boyfriend and Erin decided to break up is the fact that they are too busy. This is common between many celebrity couples. They do not manage to plan their time the way that they could spent some time with their partners so instead of doing something they break up.

In addition one of her friends, Lily Aldridge notes that in her opinion it will not take a lot of time to find another Erin Heatherton boyfriend, because she is really desirable. Lily adds that a lot of men that she knows are consistently asking her to introduce then to Erin. Her friend also thinks that Erin is wonderful and she does everything that she can in order to make her feel good.

So former Erin Heatherton boyfriend already has someone new in his life and to no one’s surprise his girl is a model just like Erin. However Erin is not in a hurry to find anyone and she still remains single. Besides being a famous model that plenty of brands like to hire, Erin is liked by all the photographers that have worked with her. It seems that she is a nice person that is simple and her emotions are seen in her pictures. She states that she is just enjoying herself and enjoying her work and this is obvious in her achievements. Erin also likes to do sports and this is obvious from her perfect body lines. So besides being just a pretty face she is a nice and simple person.

erin heatherton boyfriend

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