Erin Wasson Boyfriend

So who is last known Erin Wasson boyfriend?

Erin Wasson is of the type of the women that have a clear opinion about everything and are not afraid to state this. Maybe this is the reason that Erin Wasson boyfriend does not exist at the moment. She notes in one recent interview that most of the models are the type when they just stand and do things that they are told to do and she is not like that. Erin states that she wants to know everything what she is doing and the reason why she is supposed to do this also interests her. She notes that she likes to have knowledge about the situation that she is into at the moment.
She states that in the past models used to wear nice clothes after their photo shoots or shows that they were a part of and now everything has changed. She notes that now it is normal to be wearing jeans and other casual and comfortable clothes after you get of the podium. Thus, now she talks this way with some time has passed from one of her mistakes in life. It appears that there existed Erin Wasson boyfriend and he was older than her. Erin Wasson boyfriend was a photographer and they were even married when she moved to New York and was only 17 years old. Thus everyone makes mistakes and Erin is not an exception. Now that she is grown up and smart enough she manages to fix her life as she wants. Erin Wasson boyfriend does not exist, because she does not want to get into relationship that are not serious and she needs a good man in her life and not a simple one.
Her modeling career began when she was 15 years old and her father decided to send her picture to a local competition. Now Erin is into completely higher level of this show business and she has launched her own jewelry line called Low Luv.

Thus when Erin is asked about fashion industry she states that it is full of gay men that set the trends here and they do not manage to understand women. Thus, women models make more money than men models and this is also an interesting observation that Erin has made.
Erin Wasson boyfriend does not exist, because she is used to be an independent woman and does not want to belong to someone and that someone would tell her what to do in her life. Erin Wasson boyfriend should be proud about her as soon as there is going to exist one. She has been next to Justin Timberlake in his multimedia campaign for his clothing line. And she is the one that plays his love interest in short films that are made to promote his clothing line. In addition she has appeared in the movie called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Besides all of her activities she has appeared in music videos so Erin Wasson boyfriend is not going to be existing any time soon. It should be hard to find someone that would be good enough to be called Erin Wasson boyfriend.

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