Genesis Rodriguez Boyfriend

So who is last known Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend?

Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend does not exist, but she has talked about qualities of a perfect man that she searches in men. Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend should work out; because she states that there is nothing better than a man with muscles. She notes that strong people attract her much more than weak ones. Thus, Genesis notes that people have strong personalities sometimes, but this is not enough for her while searching for Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend. She notes that a perfect man must have manly features and of course nice abs.
Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend should know how to cook food, because it is sweet and at the same time sexy thing for her. She notes that men do not pay enough attention in cooking and making there women happy. Genesis states that if a man is a fan of Star Wars than he is perfect for becoming Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend, because she is a huge fan of this movie. Not only that she likes it but she has dressed as Darth Valder, a character in the movie, during last Halloween. Besides this movie Genesis likes all kind of science fiction things and she states that this makes her kind of a nerd. But who is she for real?
Genesis is an actress mostly known from her roles in Telemundo television series such as Prisionera and Dame Chocolate. She was born in Miami in Florida to a mother Cuban model and a father also an actor. She can speak English and Spanish fluently and has two half-sisters. At a very young age she decided that she is going to become an actress and studied acting as well as dancing. She has also done her vocal preparations. When her parents saw that she was really interested in this business they decided to get her into more intense preparations.
Genesis has studied at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institutes and also went to California to study in well-known acting instruction programs. In 2005 she got her role in American daytime series Days of our Lives and she was a part of it until 2006.
Even though Genesis state that there is no man in her life, the media thinks the opposite and Kevin Navayne is called as Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend.

According to sources they were spotted together on the roof of Soho House in New York City and according to reports they were getting cozy to one another. Thus, there were only rumors about them made.
The Real Genesis Rodriguez girlfriend in the past used to be Christina Meier. He is also a soap opera actor and he has children. Thus, Genesis did not mind to spend time with them as long as she was together with him. She used to post nice quotes on his wall including the one where she congratulated former Genesis Rodriguez boyfriend with his 39th birthday and stated that she loves him. However they love did not last for a long time maybe he did not fulfill all of her expectations so they broke up.

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