Georgie Thompson Boyfriend

So who is last known Georgie Thompson boyfriend?

Georgie remained single after Georgie Thompson boyfriend left her and she was in silence for some time before speaking to the media about this. Declan Donnelly is the name of the former Georgie Thompson Boyfriend and he broke up with her, because he was not ready to settle down. When, finally, she has decided to talk about their brake up, Georgie states as the first thing that it was painful for her. Their relationship broke off in April when former Georgie Thompson boyfriend called it quits. Since then she has only said thank you for her fans that were there to support Georgie.
Thus, after their brake up, they still are good friends and support one another, at least Georgie states this. She notes that the hardest thing is to go through your pain when all of the media is consistently watching and waiting for you to brake. Thus, she managed to make it and states that they are grown up and have to learn to deal with their pain.
In addition the former Georgie Thompson boyfriend is the host of the show Britain’s Got Talent and when journalists ask her if they could get back to one another, her answer is sincere. Georgie states that no one knows this and life is full of surprises. Even though she did not expect him to end their relationship Georgie states that she is not planning to say anything nasty about the former Georgie Thompson boyfriend. Few months before their brake up Georgie have stated that things between her and Donnelly were great. However she must have made a mistake talking to the media about this topic. Because in her interview Georgie stated that she wants to have a family and children who would make a full football team, so the former Georgie Thompson boyfriend must have got scared about this and decided to act.
Even Donnelly friends’ state that he was not ready for this kind of commitment and now Georgie is alone and here is some information about her, for those who are interested. She was born in 1977 and her father was a successful property developer so the family was always moving from one place to another. Including all of the places that she has lived a castle is among them, so she must felt like a real princess.

She went to Queenswood School and got her education there.
Georgie has liked all kind of sports since early ages of her life and she has represented England in international junior tennis competition. She has failed her driving test for the first time, because of speeding. For her living she takes up sportscaster role and is a regular presenter in Sky Sports News. Despite all of her achievements Georgie has been selected as number 93 in FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World and this happened in 2007. The main reason that she has been selected among the sexiest ones is her body and face and also the tone of her voice, which Georgie Thompson boyfriend must like.

georgie thompson boyfriend

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