Geri Halliwell Boyfriend

So who is last known Geri Halliwell boyfriend?

Geri is a singer besides being a songwriter and also she designs clothes and takes up acting. She became famous when along with four other girls they formed a group Spice Girls. Thus in 1998 she was the first one to leave the group because of her depression and differences with other members. Her career with the group went on so well that reportedly she has gained 30 million of dollars fortune in the last two years in the group. Besides singing she is going to join the judges on Australia’s Got Talent and her music will be continued in this country.

So, more about her love life now. In 2006 she gave birth to her daughter and named her as Bluebell Madonna Halliwell. Thus she had caesarean section while giving birth. Before becoming pregnant she was going out with Sacha Gervasi. At that time he was known as Geri Halliwell boyfriend. Thus, the singer does not reveal to the media either or nor he is the real father of her daughter. So former Geri Halliwell boyfriend and rumored father of their daughter is a journalist and also screenwriter and award winning director.

Thus, due to the fact that no one knows either or not he is the real father of Bluebell, he married in 2010and former Geri Halliwell boyfriend became a husband of Evelyn Robert de Rothschild. Thus, for Geri love life was not going as splendid as for him. She has had men that were called as Geri Halliwell boyfriend, but this did not last for long.

The latest one known as Geri Halliwell boyfriend is Anton Kaszubowski. Geri Halliwell boyfriend is an online betting tycoon and they have been a couple for four months. Thus after this the singer realized that he is not the one in her life and decided to end their relationship. A source close to her reveals that the main reason that the singer decided to leave Geri Halliwell boyfriend is that he is too boring for her.

He was not trying enough to be interested in her interests and even though he fell for her, she could not be with him any longer.

In addition Ger Halliwell boyfriend was demanded a lot from him and even her friends state that it really hard to make her happy. However Geri Halliwell boyfriend was trying to suit her. When the couple met each other he was already married for two years. Anton had a Russian wife, that he is currently divorcing with and all of this was for Geri only.

When the couple met each other Geri was convinced that he is the one in her life and they spent a lot of time traveling to different countries like Rome and enjoying one another’s company. Thus, he was not enough for her and she ended their relationship. It does not surprise anyone, because Geri was dating such famous men as Robbie Williams and also Chris Evans, so if they did not suit her t is doubtful that anyone will. In addition Geri is going to focus all of her energy at the moment onto her daughter and her singing career.

geri halliwell boyfriend

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