Heart Evangelista Boyfriend

So who is last known Heart Evangelista boyfriend?

Even though Heart Evangelista boyfriend is not liked by her family, she does everything that she is capable of in order to keep their relationship and defend him in front of them. Chiz Escudero is known as Heart Evangelista boyfriend and in one emotional interview she has talked about the issues concerning him and her family. Heart Evangelista boyfriend is not liked by her mother and father only because of one reason as she notes herself. It is because they want to win her back and they want her to stay with them. Thus Heart states that he is a well-respected man and her family should understand that she wants to make her own decisions concerning her future.
It appears that her mother had made statements on national TV that Heart Evangelista boyfriend should leave her. Her mother notes that their relationship is the main reason that her husband is sick and she has appealed to Chiz feelings and asked him to leave their youngest daughter. Thus despite this and the sickness of her father, if he is sick for real, Heart decided to stay with Chiz, who appears to be a Senator.
Thus, if her father is really sick, that maybe Heart Evangelista boyfriend should consider letting her go for some time to be with her family. Now that she has clearly stated that she is not leaving him, her mother might take up another ways of getting her back into their family.
Besides being Senator, Heart Evangelista boyfriend has been married once, so he is much older than her. Flores was his former wife and they spent more than a decade in marriage together. In addition they have twins Maria Cecilia and Joaquin Cruz together. He states that they remained friends and even though the custody of his children belongs to Heart Evangelista boyfriend, his former wife can come and visit them whenever she wants to.

He states that their relationships are better now that they are divorced.
Besides, Heart Evangelista boyfriend is really sensitive about his children and he likes to take care of things concerning his personal life besides involving their emotions. The fact that he loves children is also proved by his appearance in talk show for kids. He has a big passion at cooking, but when he was asked if Heart has tasted his foods he said that not yet.
Heart Evangelista boyfriend has spent more than a year working on the annulment of his marriage and they wanted to keep this in private, so that the media would now only when it has happened. He has stated that the workers in court should keep this kind of information or either way they can receive penalty because this is connected only to the family that is divorcing. Thus, he has also appeared as a host in various television shows and when he is asked about cooking. He answer that his mother made him love good food since those days that she has baked him cookies. So Heart Evangelista boyfriend seems like a perfect man with his love for children and ability to cook.

heart evangelista boyfriend

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