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So who is last known Inna boyfriend?

The full name of the singer Inna is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu but she decided to call herself as Inna, because her grandfather used to call her this way. So, she is mostly known by her nick name Inna in the music industry. She is a Romanian singer and also a songwriter. It is a bad thing that her grandfather did not manage to see her become popular, because he died before she got famous. In her interviews she states that Inna boyfriend does not exist at the moment because she does not have time to spend with him.

Her popularity has become global since the time that she released her first album. She has even started a tour after releasing her first album and this was the first one for her, so Inna was really excited about this as she stated herself in one interview. She has stated that her first tour in US was going amazingly well and she was really happy about it. Thus the only thing that could have been better is if there was Inna boyfriend to support her during her fame.

Inna states that the first time that she started her career she could not even image becoming so popular with over 1 billion views of her songs in YouTube. She notes that Inna boyfriend does not exist, because she does not want to disappoint her fans in spending less time on her music. When she is asked about her favorite artists, Inna names David Guetta and Pink and Rihanna as artist that she likes listening to. She states that fans all over the world are great and that she gets a lot of men shouting that they want to become Inna boyfriend, but she would not date a fan. She notes that if a singer would start relationship with her fan than she would not know either or not the person is with her because of who she is or because of popularity.

Inna boyfriend should now that her favorite food is salad and salmon and pastas, so she mostly likes to eat healthy food, besides having nachos from Mexico. In addition Inna does not eat too much and she states that she eats to live and not likes to eat. All in all she wants to maintain her figure perfect as it is now. When she is asked about love the singer answers that there really is true love. She adds that everyday her family and friends help her to continue on her goals. She notes that love for them is important as well as love for music. Even though Inna boyfriend does not exist, she has other people that get her love.

Inna boyfriend should also know that she is an activist when it comes to children rights. In addition she is against deforestation and fights for animal rights. Also she is against domestic violence, so Inna boyfriend should be gentle with her and be a good person also. She takes up different activities in order to spread the news that domestic violence is not good in the life of women. So when she finds someone known as Inna boyfriend he should also want to help others just as she does.

inna boyfriend

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