Isha Sharvani Boyfriend

So who is last known Isha Sharvani boyfriend?

Isha Sharvani is an actress and also a dancer. She is known from her dancing performances and appearances in Bollywood movies. She was born in India and moved from one city to another until finaly settled in Trivandrum. Thus it has been easy for her, because her parents had money and they founded an arts school in Trivandrum. Since she was thirteen years old Isha began learning dance from her mother. She got so good that over the past seven years she has given her performance in twenty two different countries.
Thus, Isha Sharvani did not have a boyfriend at that time of her life when she was dancing, because she states that for 11 years her life rhythm was so fast that it was hard to handle. She has been training about ten hours a day and there were no distinctions between men and women they were all the same. Isha could not even cry if she broke a nail and she had to be tough in order to make it in this. At the beginning she was not into acting at all and did not think that it deserves her energy until she was spotted by Subhash Ghai who needed her dancing skills and talent in his new movie. Since then she has received roles in different movies next to famous actors.
Recently there were rumors that Zaheer Khan can be called as Isha Sharvani boyfriend, but she has revealed in one interview that this is not true. In the same interview the actress has revealed that she is not going to work on movies anymore because according to her it is better not to work on a movie that is not good. She notes that her ambition is prior and she wants to make her work perfect and not medium quality. She notes that she would rather do 20 movies that people would remember after ten years than do 100 and they would be worth nothing.
Despite her career people are interested in her live life and the fact who is Isha Sharvani boyfriend. Thus there were rumors created that the cricketer Zaheer is Isha Sharvani boyfriend. And despite their dating rumors people also stated that they allegedly broke up after some time spent together. Thus, allegedly Isha Sharvani boyfriend had proposed for her and they were even planning their weddings just before their relationship broke off.

So what was the real story behind all of these rumors and statements?
Rumored Isha Sharvani boyfriend has never been her real one and Isha notes that when she is in Kerala she cannot know what is written about her, because she is cut off from all forms of communication. So the rumors about Isha Sharvani boyfriend spread before she could state anything to the media. Thus now, Isha states clearly that relationship with alleged Isha Sharvani boyfriend are made up and she has never been dating him neither they were loaning their marriage together. In addition she notes that she is not planning to get married any time soon to anyone.

isha sharvani boyfriend

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