Iza Calzado Boyfriend

So who is last known Iza Calzado boyfriend?

Ben Wintle is Iza Calzado boyfriend and he is really good in making surprises for the love of his life. During her 30th birthday Iza Calzado boyfriend has made her a real celebration. The actress was looking forward to spend her time together with her friends and have a small celebration. She did not expect that Iza Calzado boyfriend is going to make her the kind of celebration that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Ben, who is British tried real hard in order to prepare a flash mob dance number especially for Iza, so that her birthday would be special. She has stated to the media that this was nothing close to her expectations and made her really happy. Thus, who would not be happy to get this kind of surprise? In addition everything started when Iza Calzado boyfriend received a list of the people that she would like to see in her 30th birthday. She stated that she asked for him to plan a small celebration together with their closest friends and he really did it this time. So Iza Calzado boyfriend makes her life special and he loves to surprise his special woman. The fact that it was her 30th birthday also had to do with this surprise. The number is special and Iza Calzado boyfriend made the day special for her.

Besides facts that make Iza Calzado boyfriend special in her life she does not like to share her private life information with the media. The actress has talked about the surprise only because it was really special and she wanted to share her joy with the media. However details about her love life are kept for her and Iza Calzado boyfriend only.

Thus, she does not mind talking about her career as well as the way that she got to the place where she is now.

Iza is an actress and she has worked as a model at the beginning of her career. Besides this she has tried hosting television shows. Her father is a choreographer and TV director, so he has been into show business for a long part of her life and he tough his daughter a lot of things concerning it. Before she entered a real show business Iza has been a double for Mexican novella. After this she has landed some guest roles in television shows.

Since then her rode into fame got easier and Calzado has appered in such movies as Impostora and other. On January in 2008 she has won an award in Korea Asia Model Award Festival. She gained Model Star Award. In 2012 she gained a three year contract with ABS-CBN. So she is going to host the second season of The Biggest Loser. So she has really made her career as an actress and in show business. Iza Calzado boyfriend is lucky to have this type of woman close to him. No wonder that he s trying really hard to make her happy. He tries, because she is special.

iza calzado boyfriend

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