Jana Kramer Boyfriend

So who is last known Jana Kramer boyfriend?

Brantley Gilbert is Jana Kramer boyfriend and they are engaged. He is a country singer and he has stated that they are really engaged and happy together. Jana is 28 years old and she is a country songstress. Jana Kramer boyfriend has proposed to her during his birthday. He decided to rent Ryman Auditorium Theatre for the whole day and proposed for her there. They both have shared with the media that they could not wait until sharing this news with all the people that love them. Besides his proposal Jana Kramer boyfriend has been a really busy man during these days.

He has been on tour with Tim McGraw and is planning to release a new album in 2013. Jana Kramer boyfriend has shared his emotions about Jana in one recent interview. He stated that at the beginning of their relationship everyone told him that she was bad for him, but everything has changed. Now people notice that he has been working more and more and she is like an inspiration for Brantley. He notes that Jana is realy sincere with him and if he does something that she does not like she tells it without hesitation. Jana Kramer boyfriend notes that she is also his best friend besides being his critic.

Even though he has been busy on his touring, Jana Kramer boyfriend notes that they have been talking on the phone all the time and also communicating through Skype. Jana Kramer boyfriend notes that even when he is out of town it seems that they are besides each other. Also he states that his laptop has a special usage and it is the only one that it has – to be a communication device for him and Jana.

It is natural that after his proposal they are planning their marriage. So when Jana Kramer boyfriend is asked about their plans he states that he is really involved into them.

Thus it is the hardest thing, but he manages. He is responsible for the preacher, wedding band and also the fireworks. He jokes that he has received an e-mail from their wedding planner with a list that the groom helps with and he has not opened it yet. So Jana Kramer boyfriend has a lot of things to do recently.

Jana Kramer boyfriend clarifies that they both have agreed on their wedding plans and have similar opinions about the way that things should be. The only thing that he is not going to get and that he wanted is to ride away from the wedding ceremony on his Harley. Jana Kramer boyfriend notes that they have been talking about children, but at the moment they still want to enjoy their life the way that it is being together as a married couple. So they started their family with a small member, a puppy at first. Jana Kramer boyfriend gets emotional when telling about their puppy. He states that he was born on Valentine’s Day and has a little heart on his nose and this makes him perfect. So everything that connects Jana Kramer boyfriend and Jana is romantic and perfect according to him.

jana kramer boyfriend

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