Jennifer Capriati Boyfriend

So who is last known Jennifer Capriati boyfriend?

Jennifer Capriati is a former tennis player and she has tried to attempt suicide at one time of her life. At the moment a former porn star was known as Jennifer Capriati boyfriend and he has stated her news that he wants to go back to porn business. This has made her feel devastated and she has swallowed a lot pills in order to end her life at that moment. She has been together with Dale DaBone since 2003 and up to 2009 and her representative has stated to the media that she was depressed about her career and this was the main reason that she tried to commit suicide.

Former Jennifer Capriati boyfriend stated that he has told her about his decision to go back into porn industry and this made her devastated. He notes that when they talked in the hospital she became hysterical, but he never thought that she would be able to commit suicide at any point of her life. However a spokesman of her family has stated that this was accidental and she did not mean to end her life.

In an interview her close friend has talked about physical and mental state of the former tennis player. He notes that she was fighting with depression and this was hard. The fact that Jennifer was once ranked s number one female player only made it worse. Her career has finished, Jennifer Capriati boyfriend came back to his former business, so nothing was good in her life.

Jennifer got into tennis when she was only 14 years old and was successful until she became eighteen years old and went off the rails. She has been accused for shoplifting and other things like drugs. So after some time in rehab she came back and won against Martina Hingis who was the world’s No. 1. Thus in 2005 she suffered shoulder and back injuries and could not continue her career any more.

In addition she got better after her suicide event and found another man in her life, named Ivan Brannan. He was known as Jennifer Capriati boyfriend. Thus their relationships were not successful also. It seems that former tennis player could not believe that she is single again and started stalking the former Jennifer Capriati boyfriend. She was accused by it and is going to face trial in December.

Besides the accusations about stalking, she has punched former Jennifer Capriati boyfriend and is also accused because of this. The assault took place after one year since their brake up and there are proves that she has been stalking former Jennifer Capriati boyfriend for a couple of months before she attacked him. Ivan has been working out it the Oxygen Gym in North Palm Beach when she rushed in and punched him. However, her layer denies everything. Further she has used twitter in order to defend herself. She notes that she only pushed a man, who was verbally assaulting her and notes that everything is over exaggerated. So not only her tennis career, but her personal life is going the wrong direction.

jennifer capriati boyfriend

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