Jodie Marsh Boyfriend

Kirk Norcross is the latest Jodie Marsh boyfriend that the media is aware of. They have been spotted together in various events and he was immediately called as Jodie Marsh boyfriend. Kirk became famous since 2010 when he appeared on the television series The Only Way Is Essex. Thus, after some time in the show he decided to leave it and came back later on, thus, again he left it in 2013. Not only Jodie Marsh boyfriend has appeared in television, but also he has been on the cover of Attitude Magazine in 2011, the month of March.
In 2013, Jodie Marsh boyfriend has stated that during his life he had sex with between 800 and 1,000 women and he likes to boast about it. In addition Jodie Marsh boyfriend notes that he used to have sex with women and after it, when they gave him plenty of compliments about his size, he told that they should say it to their friends. So Kirk wanted to prove every woman what he is capable of and he states that this was his advantage. The same year that Jodie Marsh boyfriend stated these things he released a book called Essex Boy and that is his autobiography. Thus, Kirk has also made mistakes and his photograph was released when he was masturbating. To this he commented that all of the men do it and he was just stupid to get caught and he apologized.
So why did Jodie Marsh boyfriend and Jodie separated? At the beginning of their relationship they have posted intimate pictures of them both in Twitter, so what happened? Well first of all, they met in 2012 in July when they both featured in an advertising campaign and at that time they were only friends, but after the campaign they became more than friends. Kirk was known as Jodie Marsh boyfriend only for two weeks until their relationship came to an end.

The only reason for this was the fact that Jodie refused to have sexual relationship with Jodie Marsh boyfriend. So they broke up. Now Jodie is single and she states that she does not have enough time to get into relationship.
Thus, in the past she had plenty of relationship. In 2006 she announced that Brentwood DJ David Dale, then current Jodie Marsh boyfriend, and Jodie had engaged. This was extreme, because they were a couple only for eleven days before engagement. Instead of having a normal engagement ring she decided to make a tattoo of Jodie Marsh boyfriend name on her hand and they planned to have a fetish wedding ceremony in a dungeon. However their relationship ended in 2007 and they both blame one another about it. She states that Jodie Marsh boyfriend has cheated on her and he notes that her constant drinking and poor personal hygiene were the problems that broke their relationship. Further Jodie’s life is quiet interesting, because she has been in a relationship with a woman also. So if she would like to have someone it would not be hard for her to start a new relationship with anyone.

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