Julia Montes Boyfriend

So who is last known Julia Montes boyfriend?

In the recent past Enchong Dee could have been called as Julia Montes boyfriend. In one interview he has agreed that they had some kind of relationship. Thus, he refused to agree that he was Julia Montes boyfriend. Sp it makes people wonder what kind of relationship than they had? So Julia Montes boyfriend reveals that they had developed a serious relationship but did not want to be in a hurry. Apparently they were waiting until Julia becomes 18 years old and they could become even more serious. Before stating in the media about their relationship Julia and Julia Montes boyfriend wanted to make it perfectly right. He states that there were only three months left until she should have turned 18 and they would have talked to the media.

Thus, this did not happen. Julia Montes boyfriend clarifies that they began going out when she was only 16 years old. Thus he notes that their romance did not end in good terms. He adds that their relationship broke off because of the lack of time. They could not spend so much time with one another because of their busy schedules. Former Julia Montes boyfriend notes that he would not be sad if he saw Julia with other men as long as they make her happy that is fine with him. After this Dee has learned an important lesson about love, that people are never too young to state to the whole world that they love each other.

Now it appears that there has been another man in her life and his name is Coco Martin. They both were successful on working on the television series Infinity and they are enjoying the fruits of their hard work. Thus, now both of them are working on different project separately. However, Coco has stated that he would like to become Julia Montes boyfriend when she turns eighteen also.

Thus, Julia’s grandmother is really bothered by this, because alleged Julia Montes boyfriend is talking about his feelings for Flory Hautea also in public. Her grandmother gave her an important advice not to rush into relationship. Julia has admitted that Coco is the closes guy in her heart and she also asked him to be her escort during her eighteenth birthday party.

However things change in a really fast way and now, Julia is going to have to work with Enchong Dee again in their most recent project. So you may never know what faith brings. Thus, before getting into a new project the former Julia Montes boyfriend and Julia asked the producers to give them more time to fix their relationship. It appears that they have talked about their problems and tried to fix them. Thus nether one of them has revealed what they talked about. In addition former Julia Montes boyfriend has revealed that they did not decide to get back together again, but will only be working together. They both were surprised to get the project and it is great that they got time to fix their relationship and are good with each other now.

julia montes boyfriend

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