Karina Smirnoff Boyfriend

So who is last known Karina Smirnoff boyfriend?

Karina is a professional ballroom dancer from Russia. She is mostly known from her appearance in the television show Dancing with the Stars. During the thirteen season she has won the show with her partner named J. R. Martinez. Besides dancing in this show Karina has won many awards on her own in various competitions, so no wonder that her love life is also successful.
In 2006 Mario Lopez was known as Karina Smirnoff boyfriend and he was her partner of Dancing with the Stars show. Karina Smirnoff boyfriend is a television host and also an actor, who has appeared on several television series and films, not to mention the fact that he has acted in Broadway. His most popular role was in the television series Saved By The Bell, where he acted as A. C. Slater. He has been seen in many magazines and has hosted a show called America’s Best Dance Crew. Thus, Karina Smirnoff boyfriend also had bad records of his past. In 1993 he was accused of date raping a woman, who was only 18 years old. However, because there were no proves about this, he was released. Further, he has been married before dating Karina. In addition Karina Smirnoff boyfriend has cheated on his wife before their marriage and this broke it. So after some time spent together with him, Karina ended their relationship in 2008. There must have been a reason for it.
Then, in the same year, 2008, she began dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy. It was summertime, when he started dating Karina. He is Russian just as Karina and he is also a ballroom dancer. Besides dancing, Karina Smirnoff boyfriend takes up choreography and is an instructor. So the couple met each other on the set of the same television show Dancing with the Stars. Thus, he has never won the show together with his partners, but has made it into the final round for four times.

Thus, he has made it third for two times. In December of 2008 Karina Smirnoff boyfriend proposed to her and she has announced about their engagement to the media. However this lasted for a short amount of time only and in 2009 the month of September the couple broke of their engagement as well as their relationship.
Then in October of 2009 she began dating Brad Penny, so her past relationship with Maksim might have broken off because of this. In 2010 Karina Smirnoff boyfriend proposed to her and she got engaged to Brad. He is a professional baseball pitcher. Even though he was not into dancing and was from a different sphere, this did not save their relationship and in 2011 after one year of engagement they decided to split up. After this the former Karina Smirnoff boyfriend has been married to Kaci Cook, who is a former cheerleader and ever since 2013 they are happy together, living in Kansas City. So Karina must do something wrong in her relationship or she has not found the one that would be perfect for her, because at the moment she is single.

karina smirnoff boyfriend

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