Kathryn Bernardo Boyfriend

So who is last known Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend?

Even though plenty of fans have linked Kathryn Bernardo to Daniel Padila, but the actress states that he is not Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend. So here is some information about alleged Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend. He is an actor, but also takes up music. Thus, his acting career began only in 2010when alleged Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend got his role in Gimik 2010. Even though this was just a minor role it was a beginning for him. In 2012 rumored Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend gained his role in television series Princess and I.

The same year in 2012 he has released his debut album titled by his name. There were only six tracks on it, but they all have been played in the television series. His album became double platinum and rumored Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend has achieved success with it. In addition without his solo career alleged Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend belongs to a group called The Parking 5 and he plays bass there. His younger brother is also a part of the same group. So even though he sounds like a good company for Kathryn, she has made it clear that they are not a couple.

Even though they have been attending one event together recently, she still defines their relationship as friendly. They both have appeared on stage during alleger Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend concert and this made their fans scream from joy. Thus, it is clear that they have fans belonging to team Kathryn and Daniel. However it is not clear how their fans will react after her statement.

She notes that they are close to one another as friends, but time has come to move on from their show. So, alleged Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend is going to be pared with other actresses and she has to start working with other actors.

In addition, she reveals that partying their ways makes her really sad. She notes that they both have become close to one another, but this is a thing that they cannot change even if they would want to. Thus, she notes that even though he is not Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend, her career will be just fine and she will have fans that love her alone. She notes that now it does not matter with whom she will be acting, because this is just her work. But, Kathryn states that it would be a honor to work with such actors like John Loyd Cruz or Piolo Pascual.

However their fans should not lose hope. Because alleged Kathryn Bernardo boyfriend could be seen next to her in another television series Got to Believe. It was already started filming, but was postponed. The network representatives note that they are only gathering materials for this show. Thus, there are rumors that it will never be released. Thus she notes that if her fans except to have kissing scenes in the new show, they should be disappointed, because Kathryn is only 17 years old and she feels too young to do it. Besides her acting career it is hard to make it into college, but she manages and is studying fashion marketing.

kathryn bernardo boyfriend

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