Katy Mixon Boyfriend

So who is last known Katy Mixon boyfriend?

Katy Mixon is an actress and she is mostly recognized from her role in television series made by CBS and called Mike & Molly. It is a comedy show and she portrays Victoria Flynn in it. Thus, her first acting job was in 2001 when she got the opportunity to play in a Shakespearean play called Julius Caesar. This happened in one festival of Shakespearean plays. In 2003 she moved to Los Angeles as most of the actors do, to continue her career in television. However in the beginning she was just a part of a theatre until in 2005 gained her first major motion picture role in thriller The Quiet.

Since 2012 she belongs to the team acting in Mike & Molly and she is successful in it. Besides Katy has been a part of another television comedy about baseball. Thus, it was supposed to end in 2012 after three seasons. Despite this there are rumors that it is going to return for the fourth season and she will be acting in it as April Buchanon.

When it comes to her personal life at the moment Katy Mixon boyfriend does not exist and she is single. However there was one important man in her life and his name is Bobby Deen. They couple has dated since 2009 and they spent a year together before their relationship broke off in 2010. Katy Mixon boyfriend is a chef and he has a show that is broadcast in Food Network television channel.

In addition there are still probably a lot of people that think that he is still Katy Mixon boyfriend and that they are together. The couple has appeared in his sister’s cooking show and other events together, and due to the fact that they do not talk openly about their private life the media still links them.

However Bobby is no longer Katy Mixon boyfriend and they broke up in February of 2010. Former Katy Mixon boyfriend has stated that they broke up. The main reason for this was that she had to move to Los Angeles. Former Katy Mixon boyfriend notes that it was a really hard decision to make about their break up. Even though he states that t was a hard decision, he has moved on from Katy really fast. In the same interview where he announced about their break up he has stated another thing.

It seems that former Katy Mixon boyfriend is already into relationship with another woman. Bobby notes that she is special and she is not from show business. He states that it is great to have someone in his life that is not popular. Besides this former Katy Mixon boyfriend has proposed for his new love and they got engaged. He has tweeted that her positive answer made him the happiest man in the world. His sister also posted a statement that she is welcomed to join their family. So while Katy is being single, Bobby has moved on really fast and has another love in his life.

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