Kaye Abad Boyfriend

So who is last known Kaye Abad boyfriend?

Kaye Abad is an actress as well as former Kaye Abad boyfriend. His name is Chito Miranda and there are rumors that they both have a sexual relationship video. Kaye has stated that she does not have any sex tape together with the former Kaye Abad boyfriend. She has revealed that the press should not drag her into conflicts that are happening between the current girlfriend that Chito has. The actress has dated Kaye Abad boyfriend for several years before they broke up in 2009. When she was asked to comment on his sex scandal with Naig that is the name of his current girlfriend she has refused to make any comments.

Kaye understands that the press has dragged her into this scandal, because she was a part of his life one way or another and now that there are scandals her name is mentioned. Thus, Kaye has refused to make any comments, because she notes that even before this scandal she did not agree to make any comments about their relationship. She notes that she is not planning to talk now and that this is only the business of former Kaye Abad boyfriend. Chito also does not comment of the video that was leaked online earlier this year. He only agrees to talk about his upcoming roles and characters that he is going to portray. Thus, he does not know the way that the video of his sexual relationship was leaked and is trying to get over it.

When Chito dated Kaye they kept their relationship in private and their break up was also kept from the media until one if his friends confirmed this. Guji Lorenzana was the one that stated in one interview that Chito is no longer Kaye Abad boyfriend. The couple started their relationship after meeting in one bar and after their break up they have stated that they remain good friends after all.

After his break up he was linked with Guji and Kaye Abad boyfriend was rumored to be leaving her because of the new love in his life. Thus they were linked the same year that Kaye was still dating Chito. Thus, Chito did not refuse to be in the company of another single actress and she is Guji indeed. However if they had something between them this did not work and they broke up, because he has a new girl now.

Former Kaye Abad boyfriend has stated that the one thing that he really liked about his relationship with her is that they were really different. Thus, Kaye also has an admirer at the moment. Ryan Bang would love to become Kaye Abad boyfriend. They both are judges on one show and he clearly has affection for her which is obvious. When he came back from his vacation in Korea and was asked whom he would like to take here, without any hesitation he answered Kaye Abad. So if she sees something that she likes in him maybe they will become a new couple and he will be known as Kaye Abad boyfriend.

kaye abad boyfriend

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