Kellie Pickler Boyfriend

So who is last known Kellie Pickler boyfriend?

Kyle Jacobs is not only Kellie Pickler boyfriend, but they have become married recently and she cannot stop herself from enjoying her new life in marriage. Kellie Pickler boyfriend decided to marry her in January when they both were having vacation in the Caribbean. This has surprised both of their families, but as long as they are happy nothing also matters. Now they are together for seven months and for Kellie it seems like the first month of their marriage. She cannot get past through all the emotions that she has experienced since becoming a married woman.

She has revealed that being in marriage with Kellie Pickler boyfriend is much better than she has ever expected. She state that the fast decision to get married was the smartest one in her life, because Kellie Pickler boyfriend is perfect for her and he treats her like a queen. She notes that Kyle is her best friend and that everyone should get married to people that are their best friends. She notes that this is the first rule in order to have a successful marriage that would last for long.

Even though she has kept her maiden name she does not mind to be called as Mrs. Jacobs at some point in her life. She notes that as soon as people call her this way she is caught of guard and does not expect this to happen. Kellie states that she is going to be Pickler always, but hearing Mrs. Jacobs flatters her.

The singer adds that the marriage has also changed her way f writing songs. She notes that usually people write about their life and as soon as something changes their lyrics also evolves. She states that her life is like one long song that she divides and puts music to it. So the fact that Kellie Pickler boyfriend has one her heart makes him special.

He was the one that initiated their marriage and proposed for her and convinced her to do it spontaneously. So here is some information about Kellie Pickler boyfriend.

He is an American country music song writer, so they might be having songs written together any time soon. Besides this he is also a vocalist and he knows how to play a guitar and also piano. Kellie Pickler boyfriend writes music on piano and guitar besides just making lyrics. His lyrics are really popular among singers. Kellie Pickler boyfriend has co-written the song More Than a Memory, which has had a debut as number one on Billboards Country Singles chart. So because of this his songs have been recorded with famous artists such as Tim McGrw and Craig Morgan and also others.

So Kellie Pickler boyfriend has proposed for her in 2010 during the day of his grandmother’s birthday and after a couple of days Kellie reported this to the media. They have been dating for two and a half years before he proposed. It happened on the beach while watching the sunset. So Kellie Pickler boyfriend made it romantic as well as their wedding was full of romance.

kellie pickler boyfriend

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