Kelsey Chow Boyfriend

So who is last known Kelsey Chow boyfriend?

William Moseley is known as Kelsey Chow boyfriend. The couple has been attending various events together and they have been seen leaving together from them. While Kelsey waited outside the after party event of The Bling Ring, William hurried to join her so that they could leave together. Besides formal events that they have to be a part of, the couple has recently went to Kelsey sister’s graduation. She has tweeted after this that her sister made her proud and that Columbia was lucky to have her as their student. Kelsey Chow boyfriend was together with her during this.

So who is Kelsey Chow boyfriend? Well for those who have seen the film series The Chronicles of Narnia he is known as Peter Pevensie, one of the main characters in the movies. Before landing this role his acting career was not so special and he has been in a few minor roles in Goodbye Mr. Chips and Cider with Rosie. William is a simple boy that was born in Cotswolds village and he is the eldest of three children in his family. Thus, his father was a cinematographer so Kelsey Chow boyfriend was familiar with movies from the early stages of his life.

Thus, when Kelsey Chow boyfriend was attending school he had to repeat one course, because he had missed so much due to his filming in The Chronicles of Narnia. Thus, he managed to make it and with a lot of effort finished filming and also finished high school. The fact that he was a part of the movie Cider with Rosie even though he was just an extra this was the greatest beginning of his career. After seven years of this movie the producer remembered him and asked Kelsey Chow boyfriend to take up the role of Peter.

Thus, he was asked only to audition and Kelsey Chow boyfriend gained this role only after eight months of hard work in auditioning.

In addition when the second movie was made, he did not have to go through audition and gained the role of Peter again. Kelsey Chow boyfriend is still young and he has made his name among actors with his role in these movies. Despite Kelsey Chow boyfriend popularity he does not forget other people. William has joined Stand Up to Cancer program that features also other young actors. So now that we know a lot about Kelsey Chow boyfriend, here is some information about her.

Kelsey was born in Columbia and she has a brother and a sister that both are younger than her. Due to the fact that she is of Chinese descent Kelsey knows a little Mandarin language. She is also an actress and her career began in community theatre. Only in 2005 she received her first role in television series One Tree Hill. She has appered on the show for four years. When it comes to big screen she has had a small part in The Amazing Spider-Man. So they both are not so famous in the acting business but manage to earn their living from it.

kelsey chow boyfriend

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