Kendall Jenner boyfriend

So who is last known Kendall Jenner boyfriend?

Kendall Jenner, aged 17, is a famous celebrity in the United States of America. She is known for her modelling work, as the face of the popular teen journal Seventeen Magazine, and a TV personality. Kendall Jenner boyfriend is always one of the most interesting topics not only amongst her friends and family, but also among her fans. The last Kendall Jenner boyfriend was a 19 year old sportsman Julian Brooks. The breakup of the couple seemingly did a lot of damage to both of their perception of romance. This is not really unnatural for emotional teenagers.
On the up side, the polls show that both male and female celebrities are better off and more popular when they are single, so maybe there is a silver lining after all? Although Kendall Jenner boyfriend was her high school friend, and only later he became her sweetheart, the rumor has it that Julian Brooks did cheat on her.

Despite the whole sad story, Kendall Jenner boyfriend tried to get her back, but the attempt was unsuccessful. She decided to focus on her career and to proceed with her modelling career. Now she is a famous Teen Vogue model and has a very promising career ahead of her.

kendall jenner boyfriend kendall jenner boyfriend

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