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So who is last known Kerry Katona boyfriend?

Kerry Katona is a singer and also media personality and her life recently have became quite hard, so it is a good thing that there is Kerry Katona boyfriend, who supports her. To begin with, here is the preview of her love life from the start. In 2001 Brian McFadden was called as Kerry Katona boyfriend and she gave birth to his daughter. So after a year since Molly, that is the name of their child, was born they got married. In 2002 on the 5th of January they got married in Ireland. They spent their honeymoon in Mauritius. In 2003 she gave birth to their second daughter and they named her Lily-Sue. Thus in 2004 Kerry Katona boyfriend separated from her. Their divorce was finalized in 2006.
After Brian, who was a singer from the group Westlife, Mark Croft was known as Kerry Katona boyfriend. He was a simple taxi driver, but she still decided to get married with him. So in 2007 they had their private wedding ceremony with only two friends as witnesses. After six days she gave birth to Kerry Katona boyfriend daughter. Even though she was premature and they did Caesarean section she made it.
Thus, not only her personal life is rough, but also life itself was not so easy for her. In 2007 their house was robbed and they have been threatened, thus no one got really hurt except from the perspective of money. After this event she was brought to the hospital because she was suffering from bipolar disorder. Her publicist stated that she had it for a long time, but these circumstances made it worse and the symptoms got serious.
In September of 2007 Kerry Katona boyfriend made her pregnant again and this time she was expecting a boy to be born. However her life got worse again in 2008 when she was declared bankrupt.

Thus due to this in 2009 Kerry Katona boyfriend decided to divorce with her and this was announced in the media. However there were statements that they decided to reconcile, but they divorced anyway.
The current Kerry Katona boyfriend is George Kay. In 2013 she has announced that she is expecting his baby. And the same time she also spoke about her second bankruptcy. Her fiancée, Kay states that he is going to be there for her as long as she needs him. Kerry Katona boyfriend knows all about her financial problems and does not mind them.
In addition Kerry Katona boyfriend has spent three and a half years in prison himself, because he has been charged of blackmailing. Thus, he states that he is not going to leave Kerry and the people opinion is not significant for him, because he loves her. Kerry Katona boyfriend notes that she is trying to keep it strong because of her children and he is managing everything in their home. In addition her bankruptcy made her condition even worse and she does not have a good rest anymore. All in all, Kerry needs a lot of support at the moment and he is there to give her his.

kerry katona boyfriend

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