Kristen Alderson Boyfriend

So who is last known Kristen Alderson boyfriend?

Kristen is newly seen actresses that become popular because of her role in ABC’s television series called One Life to Live and also General Hospital. She has even won Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in Drama Series category. Thus, with her popularity there comes fame and also the media gets involved in her life and wants to know everything about her including who is Kristen Alderson boyfriend.
The story about the way that she found out that Kristen is nominated for this award is really interesting. She stated that she knew that nominations are going to be announced one evening, but she fell asleep and had a perfect dream. In her dream she met The Killers lead singer and this is her favorite group, so she was absolutely happy and floating in the clouds and then she woke up and saw that her phone had a lot of missed calls. So she understood that she was nominated and woke up her mother and her brother to share her joy with them.
When she was asked about her personal life and relationship she has stated that Shad Duell is Kristen Alderson boyfriend. She states that they are happy together and enjoying their time. Thus, Kristen Alderson boyfriend is looking forward to walking the red carpet together in the awards. And here is some information about Kristen Alderson boyfriend.
He is an actor and they met each other on the set of television series General Hospital that is an American soap opera. He has the role of Michael Corinthos III. He has studied in Mountainside Middle School and graduated from Desert Mountain High School. He used to play football there and also took up theatre program. His first role was in Disney’s The Suite Life on Deck. He got it as soon as Kristen Alderson boyfriend moved to Los Angeles.

Thus after this, he has received another role in Disney series The Wizards of Waverly Place.
One interesting fact about Kristen Alderson boyfriend is that he has been previously married. In 2011 he proposed for his then girlfriend Taylor Novack. They have been dating for nine months before his proposal and they got married in 2012. September 15 was the date of their marriage ceremony and it was a small and private celebration. After a short time of his marriage Kristen Alderson boyfriend decided that they are not meant to be and in 2013 in January their marriage annulation was confirmed in the media. Their union was annulated in late 2012 and Kristen Alderson boyfriend stated that the reason for this was that they hurried too much and got married to soon.
So after all of his love life events Duell is dating with Kristen at the moment. She is not only an actress but also a singer. Besides being an actress but Kristen wants to become a teacher one day and this was her dream since eight grade. One interesting fact about her is that she has received her first kiss on-screen with her co-star Connor Paolo.

kristen alderson boyfriend

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