Lana Del Rey boyfriend

So who is last known Lana Del Rey boyfriend?

Lana Del Rey is one of the most popular pop music stars all across the globe. Born in the United States of America, Lana Del Rey managed to gain popularity in other continents and her amazingly popular songs, such as “Summertime Sadness” are playing on the radio all the time. She is also known for her impressive music video clips, which helped her become widely recognizable. She is one of those faces that you see all over the internet and tabloids. One of her private life segments is especially popular in the media. And it’s not difficult to guess that one of the hottest topics is Lana Del Rey boyfriend.
Together with her partner, she likes to be noticed, to look good and extravagant. That can be seen in her clothes and style that seems to need a lot of care. He is also a musician, playing in a rock band.
However, Lana Del Rey boyfriend and fiancé Barrie James O’Niel seems to pay less attention o his clothing than the pretentious pop star.

The couple has been together for quite some time now, and the rumor has it that they have been looking around to buy a house. The news was spread when Lana Del Rey boyfriend was seen together with the celebrity and real estate agent looking at houses.

lana del rey boyfriend

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