Lana Parrilla Boyfriend

So who is last known Lana Parrilla boyfriend?

Lana Parrilla is an actress that has had roles in Spin City, 24, Windfall and other. Currently she has a role in television series Once Upon a Time where she portrays the evil queen. Lana was born in New York to a Sicilian mother and Puerto Rican father, so she got her looks from them. Her father used to be a professional baseball player and has been in 11 seasons of this professional game. Lana can speak Spanish fluently, because she has gone to Granada in Spain in 2007 in order to learn this language.

In the beginning of her acting career Lana has had small roles in movies and her career in television series started with her role in Spin City. She has been a guest star in television series Lost that was really popular. However she appeared only in a couple of series. Thus, her latest performance in the television show Once Upon a time has received a lot of positive reviews. She debuted in this show in 2011 and has a role f a negative character, which she portrays perfectly well.

Now according to one newspaper called The Times of Israel Fred Di Blasio, who is known as Lana Parrilla boyfriend has proposed for her and the couple got engaged. It appears that Lana Parrilla boyfriend used their vacation in order to ask her to marry him. They were vacationing in Negev and Lana Parrilla boyfriend was romantic about his proposal. As soon as she said yes, everyone that was around them began to give their celebrations to the couple. After this Lana has stated in the media that people were so friendly and said so many nice things and wished them good luck in their future.

Thus, the fact that the television series is filmed near the place that Lana Parrilla boyfriend lives has made the star really happy. She has stated in one interview earlier this year that this improved their relationship.

When most of the couples rarely find time to be together when one of them is filming in Lana’s case everything is different. She notes that Lana Parrilla boyfriend was also really happy that she can spend more time with him after her filming. Thus, Lana has invested a lot in her relationship and this worked out for the couple.

Lana Parrilla boyfriend is not into show business and he is a software executive. Thus, Lana agrees that they have to keep some details of this proposal in quite, because Lana Parrilla boyfriend does not want to be on the spotlight consistently. In addition, her representative was the one that announced the news to the media in the beginning and Lana talked about it after her fans celebrated her. Thus, the representative stated that Lana Parrilla boyfriend and Lana did not settle on the official date of their wedding yet. The couple used their vacation not only to get engaged but they also visited new places and had their rest. So when they decide on the date of the wedding this might not be the topic that they want to share with the media

lana parrilla boyfriend

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