Laura Prepon Boyfriend

So who is last known Laura Prepon boyfriend?

Scott Michael Foster is the new Laura Prepon boyfriend. So who he is besides being her man. Michael is an American actor and he is mostly known because of his role in television series on the ABC Family that is called Greek. His character is Cappie. So a little bit more information about Laura Prepon boyfriend. Foster was born in Illinois, but latter on moved to Texas a suburb of Dallas. Since the time that he was attending elementary school Laura Prepon boyfriend always knew that he wants to become an actor. At the beginning he went to Briarhill Middle School and then to Edward S. Marcus High School. He was involved in theatre at high school up until graduation that happened in 2003. He went to Collin College and focused on acting there for one semester.
Laura Prepon boyfriend did not last long in college and quit after one semester. He decided that studying will not help to continue the real and professional acting career. So Laura Prepon boyfriends instead of studying choose acting. Then Laura Prepon boyfriend moved to Los Angeles and had his background work whenever it was possible. Finally he made it possible when one representative of an agency that represented Jerry Seinfield came to his acting class. After six months Laura Prepon boyfriend signed the contract with him. At the beginning he did commercials as well as voice acting. This means that he has been the voice in animation movies.
Laura Prepon boyfriend has been a part in smaller movies such as Forever Charlie before he landed his biggest role in Greek. In 2011 he has guest starred in Parenthood. Even though his career is not so famous, Laura Prepon boyfriend is still young and he is going to make it.

Now that the life of Laura Prepon boyfriend is written about, here are some facts about Laura herself.
Laura is also an actress, but she is more successful that Laura Prepon boyfriend. Her longest role was in television series That ‘70s Show, which lasted for eight seasons and she was a part of it for all the time. Further, she is also a voice actress in animation movies and her voice can be heard in such as American Dad and King of the Hill.
Laura was born in New Jersey and she is the youngest of five children in her family. Her mother was a teacher in high school and her father an orthopedic surgeon, so she decided to take up acting all on her own. When Laura was just thirteen years old her father died during his surgery. This was a sad experience for her. Thus at the moment there are rumors that due to her being scientologist she is planning to leave her acting career. Her relationships with Laura Prepon boyfriend are not discussed in the media by either one of them. They like to be out of the spotlight and keep their personal life just among them both.

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