Lauren London Boyfriend

So who is last known Lauren London boyfriend?

Lauren London love life might seem a little bit tricky as she has a baby with the rapper Lil Wayne. He was known as Lauren London boyfriend ever since 1998. The couple met each other in Grammy awards. Ever since then Lil Wayne has made several songs about her including California Love and Look at me now. In 2009 rumors about Lauren London boyfriend making her pregnant began to spread. So after some time in quite on the 19th of May Lauren representative announced that she was expecting his child in the media. After a couple of months they announced to the media that it is a boy growing inside of her.

The fact that only her representative has stated these news to the media there were rumors that Wayne is not going to accept the child as his. However Lauren London boyfriend said that he is the father of her child in one interview at the radio station. On the ninth of September in 2009 she gave birth to Lauren London boyfriend child and they decided to call him Cameron Carter. Lauren London boyfriend has spent all the time during the birth of their child by her side.

In 2011 London opened up about her relationship with Lil Wayne for the first time in the media. She has stated that she met Lil when she was only 15 years old and known him ever since then. She describes Lauren London boyfriend as intelligent and lovable person who is going to be her friend for the rest of her life. She has stated that this is not going to change. Thus, even though people think that Lauren London boyfriend is a bad person, they do not know who he is for real. London notes that they tried to be together for a couple of times in the past and were even engaged in the past, but this did not work out.

Lauren states that now when her child is four years old she manages to make her relationship with Wayne as co-parents. She notes that her mother taught her to save money and bring them home and she does it perfectly well. So in a way she does not need support from former Lauren London boyfriend and he can be with his boy whenever he wants to.

In addition recently rumors about new Lauren London boyfriend began to spread. Trey Songz was called as Lauren London boyfriend in the media. This happened only because they took a picture together and post it on the internet. In one interview she was asked about her relationship with Trey and she has made it clear that they are not together. She notes that he is not Lauren London boyfriend and that they only took one picture together. She adds that they know each other and that Trey is a really good guy, but they are not a couple. However, Trey has stated otherwise in one interview. He made it clear that they have been together in the past as lowers and now they are just friends. So their relationships are not clear at all.

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