Leryn Franco Boyfriend

So who is last known Leryn Franco boyfriend?

For Leryn Franco relationship might seem like a scary thing to do after the former Leryn Franco boyfriend cheated on her. Lucas Barrios was the one that decided that she is not good enough to keep and that cheated on her. Leryn Franco boyfriend is a striker for Burussia Dortmund and there are reports that indeed he was shooting goals just not in the right playing field. So there were reports about Leryn Franco boyfriend betrayal. Even though there were only rumors in the beginning about his cheating. There were reports that Leryn Franco boyfriend was spotted together with a countrywoman named Laura. Besides this he was so cold and claimed that he is single at the moment. So indeed now he is single.

Leryn met him at Copa America and this happened in July so their romance was really short. Thus, there were talks that she would not be single for a long time, because men are really into her. And these rumors were right, because now Ivan Almeida is Leryn Franco boyfriend. Just recently they were spotted enjoying their time in Columbia together. This is the country that they spent time, because Leryn had competition going on there. She was involved in South American Championship in order to improve her second place finish in 2011. Thus she failed to finish on the podium. The only good thing is that she managed to be with Leryn Franco boyfriend. As soon as she finished her competition Leryn Franco boyfriend received all of her attention.

Leryn is really into Ivan and has proved this by travelling to is hotel in order to have breakfast together. Besides this Leryn Franco boyfriend has spent time together with her in the beach and they have posted pictures on the internet together.

Leryn is an athlete that became famous in 2012 London Olympic Games.

She is a javelin thrower and became a global superstar. Thus it was not her achievements that made her so popular, but it was her looks. She attracted a lot of attention only because she is really good looking. So arguable she was one of the best looking athletes in Olympics. So because of her looks she received a lot of modeling works during the past year and gained herself money from them. Not to mention the fact that she gained fans and a lot of men wanted to become Leryn Franco boyfriend.

Here are some facts about Leryn, her life and her best achievements in sports. Besides knowing her personal life it is important to know what she is capable of. She is Paraguayan and specializes in javelin throw. She became an internet sensation since 2008 and her personal best throw is 57.77 meters. In 2011 she has appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Besides this, she has competed in several beauty pageants. Franco has her own calendar which was photographed in 2007 by a photographer Martin Crespo. So Leryn Franco boyfriend status is always taken and it does not take a long time for her to find new men.

leryn franco boyfriend

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