Lisa Edelstein Boyfriend

So who is last known Lisa Edelstein boyfriend?

Lisa Edelstein is a famous actress and her role in television series Dr. House. She has been single for so long in her life that there were rumors spreading about her being lesbian. Thus it is understandable that because of all the work that she has done with the television series she did not found time for her personal life. She has belonged to the set of Dr. House for eight years and this is a long period of time.

However, now the rumors are ending, because Robert Russell is known as Lisa Edelstein boyfriend and they are a couple. So finally 44 years old actress has a man in her life. It appears that there are talks that Robert is Lisa Edelstein boyfriend and that she has found her of screen love finally. A source close to her states that Lisa Edelstein boyfriend shares a big chemistry with her. The source also adds that they have same interest in things. It looks like Lisa Edelstein boyfriend also likes art and he loves different social causes just as she does.

Lisa was never married in her life and the rumors began to spread that maybe she wil never marry. Thus Lisa Edelstein boyfriend was kept under wraps from the media for the last couple of months. However after some time the couple decided to go out in public and to destroy all the rumors about her. They were seen together in AIDS Research Alliance Press Conference in Los Angeles. Since then Lisa Edelstein boyfriend was attending different events together with her.

Lisa has had boyfriends in her life. In 2007 Petri Raisanen was known as Lisa Edelstein boyfriend. He was her yoga instructor and they dated through the year, but broke up then in 2008 Giammario Villa was known as Lisa Edelstein boyfriend, but after their break up she spent some time alone.

Lisa was focused on her charitable causes for the past years and her favorite charity includes taking care of children and animals also.

The current Lisa Edelstein boyfriend is also interested in all kind of causes. Thus he has been married once and has two children with his former wife. Lisa Edelstein boyfriend has spent eight years in marriage before ending it. He was the one that filled for divorce and the main reason was irreconcilable differences as in most of the cases.

The former wife of Lisa Edelstein boyfriend has stated in the media that she has no hard feeling toward Lisa and thinks that she is a nice person. Even though Robert jumped into his new relationship after a short time from their divorce Paulina seems friendly and understanding towards Lisa and Lisa Edelstein boyfriend. After eight years spent in Dr. House Lisa finally decided to move on from this television series and is leaving the cast. So a lot of her fans will be disappointed about this decision. Thus, the most important thing is that Lisa Edelstein boyfriend would make her happy just as she deserves to be after this time spent alone.

lisa edelstein boyfriend

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