Liz McClarnon Boyfriend

So who is last known Liz Mcclarnon boyfriend?

Even though Ryan O’Neill is the current Liz McClarnon boyfriend, she has had other significant relationships in her past. Liz is a former Atomic Kitten singer and she is mostly known because of this. So in the past Lee Ryan was known as Liz McClarnon boyfriend and he is the type of man, whose love life might seems confusing for some people including himself.
Lee Ryan is a singer of the group called Blue and in one recent interview he has talked about his past relationship with the singer of Atomic Kitten. Their relationship began in 2001 and lasted for a couple of years until 2003. Recently they had to see each other, because Blue has joined ITV2’s The Big Reunion. Liz was not happy about the fact that he is going to be there. So her emotions only prove that even though she is currently with Ryan O’Neill Liz still has feelings for the former Liz McClarnon boyfriend. Thus, she is thrilled to have the tour and it is going to be like back in the old days. But the fact that her former boyfriend is also going to e a part of it is confusing.
Former Liz McClarnon boyfriend notes that he is really looking forward for this tour and the whole group is thrilled about it. He notes that he has asked Liz why she is acting this way and what is the main reason because of her behaviour and she wrote back that he cannot talk to her. He notes that Liz used to act in a nice way with him after their break up and they were in different events together, but everything changed now. So when former Liz McClarnon boyfriend stopped talking to her, because she asked this herself, Liz came to him and stated that he is acting in a bad way with her and this upsets her.
Besides thinking that Liz still has feelings for him, Lee Ryan notes that he was the one that ended their relationship, because they did not feel right anymore.

So maybe Liz is still upset about this and maybe the new Liz McClarnon boyfriend does not like when she is talking with her former lover. Even though the current Liz boyfriend would like to make their relationship serious, she still does not known what to think about marriage and if she wants to become somebody’s wife.
Liz McClarnon boyfriend is the one that she wants to get serious with and settle down. Further she agrees that marriage should come first before having children and that she would like to have a nice celebration. Thus, the singer notes that it is not going to happen any time soon, because it is a hard thing to plan weddings that would be perfect. She notes that Liz McClarnon boyfriend has been her friend for 12 years and they have been together as a couple for a year and a half and they are living together. So she understands that Liz McClarnon boyfriend wants to make their relationship serious and now it is up to Liz to decide.

liz mcclarnon boyfriend

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