Lyndsy Fonseca Boyfriend

So who is last known Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend?

Matt Smiley was known as Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend and not only that they were together, they have been married. In 2009 Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend married her and the ceremony took place in April. Thus, she was the one that filled divorce papers and stated that irreconcilable differences are the main reason for their divorce. Even though Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend was left by her in 2012, she filled the divorce papers only after a year in 2013. The actress, who is 26 years old, submitted her documents in Los Angeles Country Superior Court. Besides the fact that she wanted the divorce, the actress wants to block the court from making her pay money for Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend. She thinks that he is not worth no support from her.
Thus, neither one of them agreed to state anything about their brake up. Former Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend does not talk to the media about their marriage or their separation as well as she does not. However, there might be reasons because of their brake up that are not so good for Lyndsy in their court. There are rumors that Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend is a status that might be already taken by another man.
And he is Shane West, her co-star of television series Nikita. The couple has been photographed holding hands in one night club in Los Angeles. It appears that they both are denying rumors about them, but the stronger they try to deny them, the more the rumors spread. Lyndsy Fonseca has revealed that she would love to have a man, who would have gone to the grocery shop and bought everything for making dinner and waited for her at home. Besides that if a man could cook this would be perfect for Lyndsy and Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend must know how to do it. So Shane must be that type of a man.

Thus, if Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend does something special for her, than she feels like doing things for him and taking care of him.
So who is the new and rumored Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend? Besides being an actor he is also a musician and song writer. His most famous role was in the movie A Walk to Remember and every girl must know this movie and have it in their romantic movies list. Alleged Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend was born to a mother lawyer and a father drugstore owner. Even though he does not have creativity in his family, alleged Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend decided to be in show business and he made it. Another thing that is clear about rumored Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend is that he is really hot looking and has many fans among women.
At first he was forced to take drama class in high school and just when he did, rumored Lyndsy Fonseca boyfriend decided that he likes it afterwards. He has dated an actress named Rachel Leigh Cook from 1997 up until 2003 so they been together for a long time. Thus, their relationship came to an end and now he is allegedly dating Lyndsy, but these rumors are not confirmed by either one of them.

lyndsy fonseca boyfriend

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