Madison Pettis Boyfriend

So who is last known Madison Pettis boyfriend?

Madison Pettis is still a young girl, she is only fifteen years old and already she has been linked to many famous boys during her career. She is an actress known from many roles in Disney Channel television series. Currently she lives in Los Angeles and is working with the new project called Life with Boys and also Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Besides this she is a model and works together with Cody Simpson. Not only that she is working with Cody Simpson but there were rumors in the media that he is Madison Pettis boyfriend.

Alleged Madison Pettis boyfriend is a singer and he is also young, he is only one year older than her. He was born in Gold Coast in Australia and this is one of the factors that make him even more desirable. He comes from a family with two other children besides him. Rumored Madison Pettis boyfriend began his career in his bedroom when he was performing songs and putting them into YouTube. This has made alleged Madison Pettis boyfriend recognizable and Shawn Campbell became interested into him and decided to begin working with him. Since then he has released an album and some singles and he is highly popular among female audiences.

Thus, he is not the only rumored Madison Pettis boyfriend and he is not the famous one. Jaden Smith is also rumored to have been dating Madison at some point of their lives. So know that there is some information about one of her rumored boyfriends, here is the introduction of another one, who is even more famous than Cody. Jaden takes up priorities into acting and not singing.

Rumored Madison Pettis boyfriend is the son of the famous actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He began acting since 2006 and he took up role along with his father in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness.

Since then he has appeared in other movies and in 2013 he again acted with his father in the movie After Earth. Besides acting alleged Madison Pettis boyfriend has started his clothes line. Thus he is not supposed to do it, because acting brings him a lot of income.

Thus, he is also a singer and he has mentioned one of his former girlfriends in one of his songs. So Madison is not mentioned in any of his songs, so maybe the rumors about their relationship are not based on anything. In addition alleged Madison Pettis boyfriend has an emancipation ruling that his parents have signed so he is independent to do what he wants to do. His childhood was easy and his parents did not make any punishment on him instead they asked him to explain over everything that he has done and why did he do it. Thus, neither one of these two boys are confirmed as Madison Pettis boyfriend, neither have talked to the media about this nor stated if this is true or not. So it looks like the fact of who is Madison Pettis boyfriend and if she is single or not remains unknown.

madison pettis boyfriend

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