Maja Salvador Boyfriend

So who is last known Maja Salvador boyfriend?

Gerald Anderson is Maja Salvador boyfriend. Even though at the beginning of their relationship he was the one that did not want the media to know about them being together, he has finally stated that they are a couple. For Maja Salvador boyfriend it took a long time to do this, because he states that private life should be kept in private. Thus, the fact that he has agreed in the media that they are together made Maja real happy about it. She is the one in their relationship that wanted to state for everyone that they are happy together.

Maja comes from a line of showbiz people, so it is natural that she is not afraid of stating things in the media about her life, she is used to it. Besides being an actress and also a model she takes up producing. Her acting career began in 2003 when she starred in the movie First Day High. She does not mind acting in television series also and when it comes to movies she acts in all kind of genres; starting from drama and romance movies and ending with horror ones.

In the past Matteo Guidicelli was known as Maja Salvador boyfriend. The couple dated each other and co-starred in one movie together called My Cactus Heart. Former Maja Salvador boyfriend besides being an actor is also a singer and a racer. He has won awards for his racing abilities and his looks made Maja interested in him. The fact that he is of Italian descent, as well as Filipino, makes him popular among women, and this proves that he knows his ways with them. The couple spent some time together but after the filming of the movie where they both participated they broke up. Since August of 2012 Matteo is no longer Maja Salvador boyfriend.

In one recent interview Maja has talked a little bit about her personal life and her relationship. She states that Maja Salvador boyfriend, no matter who he is, never gets in the way between her and her work. She notes that it was hard time after her break up with Matteo, but right now she has fallen in love with another man. Gerald is the new Maja Salvador boyfriend. However she notes that t does not matter either or not she is dating someone she is still inspired to work and put all of her effort into it.

When Maja is asked about handling her relationship she notes that it is important to find time not only for Maja Salvador boyfriend but also her family. Besides being just together they go out with their friends and spent time with other people also. After the confirmation of their relationship in the media Maja does not want to go into details about her relationship. She notes that the media already knows that she is not alone and this is enough. In addition there are plenty of rumors surrounding this couple, but she does not get involved into talks about them.

maja salvador boyfriend

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